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Tom Huges
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Bio: Ecom and SaaS entrepreneur on a relentless quest to create exceptional solutions.
Sophie Adams
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Bio: I love connecting with people and sharing ideas with em❤️🫶
Siddhant Gupta
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Bio: As a performance marketer, I am driven by a passion for driving tangible results and maximizing the potential of digital marketing campaigns.
Miguel Cj
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Bio: Growing a retail supplement's brand on Amazon EU
Said S
Manchester, UK
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Bio: An Amazon Seller.
Sofía Taussig
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Bio: Hi there! I´m Sofía, glad to be part of this community. Hoping to get the best of it, learn and exchange ideas!
Ayesha Jabeen
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Bio: Amazon sales specialist, PPC manager
Federico Rinaldi
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Bio: Hi everybody! I'm 25 years old and I'm the founder of Headonic, an italian Amazon agency. I've a degree in management engineering so i love numbers..!
Deniz Deniz
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Bio: As a PPC nerd, interested to network with like-minded people
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Bio: Hello! I am new in Amazon PPC.
Karthik Ks
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Bio: Account Specialist - Amazon Ads
Owen Humble
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Bio: Brand owner
Sono Kumar
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Bio: Amazon Brand and Marketing Specialist, My expertise lies in developing effective launch strategies, scaling the brands while being profitable.
Johwanacel Guianan
• Active 289d ago
Bio: Hi im one of the AMAZON PPC MANAGER and love to learn more in advance strategies in Amazon
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Keith Mander
e-com addict in Scotland.

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Joined Jun 3, 2023
Edinburgh, UK
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