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ANNOUNCEMENT: Full System Reset 9D Journey goes LIVE tonight! 🚀
Breathwork Revolutionaries ✊ Mark your calendars for 8:00pm Bali time tonight (just 3 hours from now) because sh*ts about to get real with this one! Fully System Reset was originally called The Purge, but I didn't want to scare people away with the title so opted to give it a little adjustment with the naming, but the objective and outcome is still the same... to push the giant red reset button and purge our individual and collective struggles to make room for that inner light to come shining through ❤️ It's like spring cleaning, but for your mind, body, and soul. It's gonna be intense, but trust me, it's worth it. Photo below is my 4 y.o. son Ami giving a test drive :) Drop "9D" in the comments and we'll send you the link to join. Even if you can't join live drop it in anyways and we'll send you the recording x See you then! Brian
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9D replay please 🙏
Earthing/Grounding Discoveries
I have recently gotten a few Grounding devices from Earthing(dot)com I have a smart watch that tracks my sleep throughout the night and my sleep score has traditionally ranged from 52% - 70% After sleeping on the mat/pillow, I've started waking up 20 minutes before my morning alarm with a sleep score from 87% - 93% which I've NEVER been able to do previously. I do the 12 minute activation "Getting Great" routine immediately upon waking and whereas I usually struggle with the first breath hold, I went all the way through without feeling any air hunger, And whereas my BOLT score is usually doing good around 35 seconds, this morning my bolt score was **55 SECONDS** Earthing Elite Sleep Mat Kit Earthing Elite Pillow Cover Kit I'm going to invest in several of the yoga mats to use for individual and group 9D sessions Earthing® Yoga Mat... I've been looking forward to facilitating outdoor sessions, but the 106°+ Fahrenheit summer in Texas has rather put a hitch in my giddy up Boy howdy, LFGOOOO!!
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Thanks @Kevin Smith for the share. I literally just bought a new bed and have noticed an improvement with the new mattress. Quality of sleep is so important, so your earth mat could be a great addition 🙏
12 min 9D Activation Challenge
I am creating my own challenge... 12 days of doing the 12 Min 9D Activation Breathwork. Day1/12 👍
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Nice @Liezel Bredenkamp it’s such a great morning activation💥
What's next?
Did the 5 day Challenge and loved it! So what is next beautiful people?
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@Oma Lynda Ekwem defo purchase the MB30 I use this daily!
Breathing. Growing. LOVE IT
In week 5 now on the BM course Just loves it. So happy and greatful. Held my first online session yesterday 1 to 1. Another comming up 31st - now 18 pl. Have problem with balance between sound and voice. Any tips?
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Hi @Sofia Singemo , congrats! Yep, I did a couple of sound checks myself on zoom to make sure the balance was ok. then set that level 👍 hope that helps?
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