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  • Jesse Clark
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    Bio: Client Success Coach @
  • Nick Hauser
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    Bio: I work at Skool! Need any help?
  • Sid Sahasrabuddhe
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    Bio: I work at Skool! Need any help? Feel free to hit me up on Skool Chat or book a call by clicking the link (on my profile) 😀
  • Nick Guadagnoli
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    Bio: Product Manager at Skool
  • Gaurav Valani
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    Bio: Career Coach | Founder, CareerSprout
  • Brent C
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    Bio: Community builder (55k member dentist group). Real estate investor (multi-8-figure real estate portfolio).
  • Lucas Zeiler
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    Bio: Founder of MSM Performance Academy.
  • Arturo Johnson
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    Bio: I Help Life Insurance Agents Scale from $0-$100k/m
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    Bio: Career Sprout test account:)
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    Bio: STA + RCA Support Account
  • Tyson Bailey
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    Bio: CEO of Trained Advisor
  • Andrew Kirby
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    Bio: YouTuber with 600,000+subscribers. Founder of Synthesizer School: A community for Consultants and Content Creators
  • Ian Koniak
    Los Angeles, CA
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    Bio: I help software AE's reach their full potential by mastering their mindset, habits, and selling skills. Excited to be part of this community!
  • Armin Shafee
    Miami, Florida
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    Bio: Founder of
  • Troy Ericson
    Tampa, Florida
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    Bio: A freak accident in college baseball led me to being the #1 Email List Management 'Guru'. Now I change lives by turning copywriters into List Managers
  • Bashar J Katou
    Miami, Florida
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    Bio: Leave the world a better place
  • Brian Moncada
    Miami, FL • ENFP
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    Bio: Founder of | Join our Free Skool group here:
  • Isaiah Miller
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  • Sam Ovens
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    Bio: CEO @ Skool.
Katie McIntyre

Charlotte, NC • INTJ

High Performance Coach

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