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Michaelene Kearney
Sandy Springs, Ga.
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Bio: Pediatric Occupational business owner
Miranda Morris
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Bio: A PT helping moms to feel more connected with themselves and their family! Proud mom to my 3 year old daughter and wife of a firefighter/paramedic.
Byron-Noel Sunga
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Bio: DPT / clinic owner / coffee roaster / bartender
Amy Briggs
Irving, Texas • ENTP
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Bio: Entrepreneur in the physical therapy space. Tennis performance is my happy place. Faith, family, friends, felines, fun, food, fitness, freedom!
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Katie Blanchard
I’m a physical therapist and I help kids with scoliosis reduce the progression of their curve, get stronger, and gain confidence! Schroth Method PT!💪

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Joined Feb 19, 2023
Orland Park, IL
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