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Shannon Houck
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Bio: I help people struggling with addiction who couldn't find success with traditional recovery methods by offering a modern recovery approach
Kristen Nugent
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Bio: I'm an educator and advocate for women who experience stress and burn out because they take care of everyone but themselves.
Steven Hall
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Bio: "Steven Hall: a man of faith and business expertise who inspires individuals to live purposefully, create value, and amplify their influence."
Ariel Strong
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Bio: Add later.
Michelle Manning
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Bio: Lymphatic therapist and holistic somatic practitioner. Winged myself out of a pain management clinic in the 90’s 24 years experience.
Emily Robertson
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Bio: I produce, write, edit, direct, manage, conceptualize, strategize, organize, and execute. Details and logistics are my strengths!
Syed Muhammad Rayyan
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Bio: Digital Creater
Christine Hathouti
Toronto, ON
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Bio: Learning, growing, enhancing my skill set so I can serve more people!
Miranda Marquit
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Bio: Doing my best to get my shit together.
Anne Keery
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Bio: Shenanigans.
Amy Ragland
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Bio: Freelance content writer for financial firms. Mom to two teenagers. Avid reader, mediocre swimmer, excellent takeout orderer.
Hannah Burnett
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Bio: Teaching
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Kathleen Celmins
15+ years experienced B2B coach specializing in revenue growth for digital entrepreneurs & service providers

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