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Holly Essington
South Carolina • INFP
• Active 4h ago
Bio: Founder of SixFigureSAHM, Amplify from Home, and The Hive -mama to 4, high ticket closer, sales coach
Cleopatra Ernest
• Active 25d ago
Bio: African americ a n
Suzanne McConnaughey
• Active 10d ago
Bio: I've been interested in healthy living and eating for over 50 years.
Miri Mo
• Active 6h ago
Bio: Happy to be here
Kim Harris
• Active 97d ago
Bio: I've eaten veg since '85, vegan since '90, high raw to all raw off an on since 2001. I'm interested to see what this group offers.
Petra Tolsma
• Active 107d ago
Bio: 45 year old young going true peri menopause living in Amsterdam The Netherlands.
K.d. Gallafraigh
• Active 69d ago
Bio: Wife, mother, artist, writer, health advocate. Fully raw 2017 and high raw pregnancy which was my best. Getting back to it and recovering from CFS.
Valerie Ostrom-Clarke
• Active 149d ago
Bio: Valerie Ostrom-Clarke, I am a career physical education teacher. My husband and I love to travel. We enjoy hiking and photographing wildlife.
Gayle Gura
• Active 184d ago
Basgeer Ahmed
• Active 50d ago
Bio: Marketing expert
Barbara Halliday
• Active 20d ago
Bio: I’ve been vegan for 5 years and would like to transition into raw foods or mostly raw to help reverse my Hashimoto’s and menopause issues
Niki Winston
• Active 169d ago
Bio: Cleanse* Heal* Renew
Manjunath Anniah
India • INFJ
• Active 13d ago
Bio: I feel proud to be a member in this community hub and to explore my skills to help others being "An Online Entrepreneur."
Samantha Lambert
Glastonbury, England.
• Active 15h ago
Bio: Raw vegan, art, design, love, gratitude and magic! ☺️💞🙏🌈🥗🍇🍍🍊🌹🌞🍉💖
Holly McCracken
• Active 302d ago
Bio: Hi. My name is Holly. I’m looking for accountability and encouragement. And I hope I can also do the same for someone else. :)
Dicey Efantis
Austin, TX
• Active 184d ago
Bio: I’m a 53 year old wife, stepmom, and cat herder. Striving to be the best version of myself — it’s a journey!
Mary DiPalma
• Active 328d ago
Danielle Vakoutis
• Active 323d ago
Bio: I am a 44 year old mom, attorney, and WFPB eater. I am on the Board of the NHA and want to connect with likeminded women on this wonderful journey.
Diane Loughery
• Active 306d ago
Bio: Sixty six 5’4” 181 lbs. really need to change my diet. I garden everyday, I do pilaties 3 days a week, yoga two days a week.
Yvonne R
• Active 52d ago
Bio: I would rather not submit a photo at this time.
Marisa Silverstein
• Active 1d ago
Bio: Plant based Midlife Mentor sharing and looking for all ways to thrive in midlife!!
Sherry Silk
• Active 7d ago
Bio: Will add bio at a later date.
Jennifer Willhite
• Active 330d ago
Bio: I'll add more later...working on improving my diet and health right now.
Zsa Zsa Sanders
• Active 331d ago
Bio: Hi im excited to join this women’s group to maintain health and improve. Keeping my hormones balanced
Jill Bishop
• Active 299d ago
Bio: Looking to improve my health and lose weight
Ann Williams
Wernersville PA
• Active 7d ago
Bio: Hi All, I am excited to join this amazing group! I work full time as a CRNA and love spending time with my beautiful granddaughters and my horse, Nate
Jen Peach
British Columbia Canada • INFJ
• Active 2d ago
Bio: Business Mentor, Yoga Therapist & Holistic Nutritionist. I help spiritual beings manifest health and wealth
Inga Ogas
Las Vegas, NV
• Active 21d ago
Bio: I want to Coach Parents with High Functioning, Speech Delayed, Autistic Children & I help people with including/transitioning to a plant based/vegan.
Jessica Carraturo
New York • INFJ
• Active 403d ago
Bio: ✨Raw Vegan/Lifefood Chef✨ Discovering ways to live on purpose and encouraging others to do the same
Randi Haberkorn
• Active 52d ago
Bio: I’m a veterinarian. I love the outdoors and yoga and being with my family and friends!
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Karen Ranzi
Vegan Health Coach and Director of Vegan Certification Course, passionate about educating others on compassionate eating. Vegan 33 yrs/Raw Veg28 yrs.

Active 4h ago
Joined Jul 18, 2022
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