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Seattle • INTP
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Bio: Goal 1: Make money online (Twitter funnel) Goal 2: Optimize for health Goal 3: Level up my network
Jacob Land
Las Vegas, Nevada • ESTJ
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Bio: Lifelong Goal: Change Millions If Not Billions Of Lives Through Entrepreneurship
Fabian Schmid
Germany, near Stuttgart
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Bio: 14 y/o, german advanced-self-improvement youtuber.
Mohamed Aziz Ressaissi
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Bio: I love making videos on youtube and helping people improve themselves!
Taylor Williams
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Bio: Reject degeneracy. Embrace virtue.
Leo Martin
Birmingham, UK
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Bio: Project 1 - Systemise business completely, more freedom to focus on new projects. Project 2 - To be more consistent with diet, mindset and exercise.
Pascal Baumann
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Bio: 21 years old, from germany
Sp Dharshan
Tamil Nadu | India
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Bio: I am a 16 years old who's on self improvement for a year.
Noah Rudnik
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Bio: repairing cars and my life
Julian Maeder
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Bio: In pursuit of good character and traditional masculine values. Sharing my learnings with a young brotherhood of men wanting to be more.
Anthony Burgos
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Bio: self-mastery leads to freedom
Sorin Beals
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Bio: Health is wealth.
William W
California, U.S
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Bio: Teaching people how to optimally learn and focus
Michał Więcek
Poland • ENTJ
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Bio: 16, Track 800m specialist Builiding a tribe of ambitious men.
Cillian Garvey
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Bio: Cillian - 17 - Student
Dominic Mastrocola
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Bio: the stoic ginger
Stephen Pursel
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Bio: Preparing for the future
Rafael Salomon
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Bio: Inspiring chef 2026 goals: 80kg while 10-4% bodyfat, 10k p/m, achieve excellence at basic cooking skills Brazil, Sao Paulo
Md Abedin
New York City
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Bio: Software engineer
Vardha Raja
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Bio: Perusing Self-Improvement
Alex Ungureanu
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Bio: The Sky is Blue
Lua Ls
Among, US
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Bio: -_-
Preston Donovan
Las Vegas, NV
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Bio: 27, married, financially ahead engineer. Starting to focus on health, going to the gym, eating and using natural foods. Here to GROW.
Jordan Murray
Australia • ENTJ
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Bio: 22
Alejandro Villanueva
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Bio: A young man who approaches life as a professional. Currently interested in: Natural bodybuilding, YT, Testosterone, social skills, health, and more...
Wyatt Young
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Bio: 23
Weylum D
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Bio: 16 year old guy on self-improvement living for the glory of Jesus Christ.
Petter Rølland
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Bio: trener for å bli en kraft av naturen
Raizen Rajesh
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Bio: c
Francesco Lupo
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Bio: Every day I push myself to make the right choices which will lead me to achieve my long term goals of financial freedom, happiness, and a perfect body
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Kaal Raam
mission 1: improve my life though hormone optimization, physical exercise and mental training. mission 2: reach 10M people though my YouTube channel.

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West Lafayette, IN USA
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