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Amir Mamedov
Zürich • ESFP
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Bio: 20 years old | Passionate Video Editor and Martial Artist | Striving for Greatness | I speak German, English and Russian
Darius Cheong
Perth, Western Australia • INTP
• Active 2h ago
Bio: Leader of Unchained 🔗: Quit P*rn, Find Purpose & Align Yourself.
Lukas Watts
• Active 21h ago
Bio: Founder of New tactical YouTube channel coming soon. Raw, long-form content similar to my posts.
Andrew Kirby
• Active 9h ago
Bio: Skool Games Host 📢 YouTuber 650k subs 🏴 Founder Synthesizer School
Dan Bolton
Los Angeles, California • INFP
• Active 5h ago
Kaal Raam
West Lafayette, IN USA
• Active 37m ago
Bio: October Goal: Focus on health and mobility, rehab the joint injuries. Slowly get back to lifting weights.
Allan Luna
NYC, New York • ISFP
• Active 3h ago
Bio: The Legacy Creator 🧠
Omar Adolphe-Clarke
• Active 9h ago
Bio: Servant and follower of Jesus Christ
Dennis Goldstein
• Active 14m ago
Bio: Here to improve my life and try monetizing my purpose. End goal: Kids, married, purpose and profit.
Jad Taha
• Active 37m ago
Bio: Purpose | Systems | Discipline | Habits | Senior Software Engineer (10+ years) | Read 100+ SelfDev Books
Florian Kaufmann
Lucerne, Switzerland • INFP
• Active 2h ago
Bio: Onternähmertom, Biohacking, Fitness, Fuessball ond Mindset.
Hamza Ahmed
Manchester, UK
• Active 2h ago
Bio: Official profile of Hamza Ahmed.
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Justin Griffioen

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The Netherlands
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