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Ephraim Donatelli
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Bio: Ready to move...
Sakari T
Helsinki, Finland
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Bio: Scaling a B2B SaaS in Billing Automation space from 4M—>40M€ … and helping entrepreneurs launch Amazon bestsellers on the side
Raul Balaj
Romania - Oradea
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Bio: Right now is the best time to start !
Hassan Abdullah
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Bio: I am B2B Lead Generation, Lead Sourcing, and Outreach Expert.
Michi Huhn
Hamburg, Germany • INFJ
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Bio: Interested in sports, books and self-improvement. Glad about online coaches, who want to talk about their experience and entrpreneurial challanges.
Shari Sanahi
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Bio: 🚀Business Advisor @ YelloWhistle 🚀Mover and Shaker. 🚀Author. 🚀Trading/Crypto Enthusiast (Wen Lambo?)
Adelin Farcaș
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Bio: Love to move. I'm doing a challenge, handstand 365/365. My final goal is one arm handstand. Strength/Mobility/Flexibility training.
Farah Asal
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Bio: ..
Sai Teja
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Bio: Letssss goooooo
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Junaid Malik
Here to better myself so I can live pain-free

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