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Mj I
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Bio: *
Jennifer Kennedy
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Bio: I offer affirmations and tools that encourage a positive mindset and emotional well-being.
Matt Schmitt
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Bio: CEO @
Thomas Perdana
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Evonne Hew
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Bio: A graphic designer Mom looking to make expressive and inspirational designs helping others to create special moments between their loved ones.
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Bio: No DM with "Are you into dropship business?" or spam. I will report and block you.
Andrew Barber
St. Petersburg FL
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Bio: Owner of a small mineral specimen business called lux and lumen
Ryan Phenix
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Bio: Entrepreneur Business Owner
Gary Hair
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Bio: If you're in Incubator - Congratulations! If not, why not?
Carol Chavey
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Bio: I love to be creative and sharing what I create with the world while also making money at the same time :)
Camren Schroeder
Lincoln, NE
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Bio: Business manager working 40 hours a week and looking forward to becoming a new ecommerce entrepreneur!
Sue Becknell
Magnolia, TX
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Bio: I live in Magnolia, Texas, the reason I started Skup is to still have a business once I retire in 2-3 years. POD-Jewelry is fun and exciting.
Beth Fagnant
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Bio: More to come..
Mark Von Boeckman
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Bio: I work full time in warehouse in shipping department, I trying to get my Amazon business going
Devin Zander
St Pete, FL • ENTP
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Bio: Founder: - SMS Marketing for coaches and course creators
Devin Zander
Saint Petersburg, FL • ENTP
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Bio: Just a guy
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