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Shirley Salas
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Bio: Excited to connect, learn, and share insights with this amazing community.
Frankie Lee
Hong Kong • INTJ
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Bio: Create wealth through compounded leverages
Abdalah Abdirizak
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Bio: blooger|digital marketer.
Mike Morgan
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Bio: Explore the potential of AI! Book a demo, collaborate, or schedule a training session with me:
Flavio Mendes
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Bio: Hi!? I'm a web developer and teacher with more than 20 years in experience and more than 200 students. A proud dad of little baby girl.
Enis Kara
• Active 1d ago
Bio: Pazarlama, finans ve yapay zeka.
Tamara Du Plessis
• Active 21h ago
Bio: Aligning with my true self. Learning more about my spiritual awakening. 💜
Alon Moshe
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Bio: Bio
Ayub Muhammad
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Bio: Trying to start a business Inshallah
Danie Hopkins
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Bio: Married 17 years, Father of six, and a passionate Home-Schooling teacher and startup founder. Committed to family and innovation for future education.
Chad Bateman
Utah • ENFJ
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Bio: Busy Dad of 5, I love a good challenge & always want to learn more. I'm passionate about helping others with Digital and technical support.
Mert Yerlikaya
Istanbul, Turkey
• Active 17d ago
Bio: Helping E-commerce Businesses Save Time & Boost Profits with Custom AI Automation | Co-founder at Monk Media Hub | DM "Automate" to Learn How
Ganiu Ahmed
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Bio: Am an online marketer specialises in affiliate marketing. Am also a video animation creator and a graphic designer.
Coena Snyder
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Bio: I’m a busy mom who loves helping others make life easier.
Aaron Houston
• Active 1d ago
Bio: Hello, new to this but excited to learn more...
Randy Kopplin
Dallas, TX USA
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Bio: Architect, Entrepreneur, AI Automations
Nikki Nevling
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Bio: Humble🕉️ Rooted in Earth✨guided by the divine Creative Expression & Mindfulness Coach-Creating Synergy&Surfing Hi-Vibe 🌊🏄🏼‍♀️ Waves 🌊 🏄
Calvin Grover
Wisconsin, USA
• Active 23d ago
Bio: I'm am the owner and head artist for Full Moon Digital Products
Rishqua De Kock
South Africa
• Active 10h ago
Bio: South African mom dedicated to changing the life of my family and other families, build financial independence & a legacy for my kids.
Jason Lamothe
• Active 5d ago
Bio: Hi my name is Jason. I am on this journey of discovery and learning to find out as much as I can about better prompting of LLMs like Chatgpt etc.
Kiana Hackshaw
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Bio: digital creator, serial entrepreneur, mommy, & herbalist.
Anastasios Anastasis
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Bio: Always looking to improve.
Tina Tyler
• Active 7d ago
Bio: Empowerment Coach. I’m passionate about inspiring growth and self-discovery.
Elijah Kitur
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Ahmed Amin
• Active 2d ago
Bio: AI Automation | Entrepreneur
Nghi Tran
• Active 1d ago
Bio: Consulting EU and Vietnam, Real estate
Andre Genesini
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Bio: AI Specialist for use in sales and marketing funnels
Jason Benson
• Online now
Bio: Imagine what you could do with an extra $100 per week. I will show you how to create and grow your own eBay business from scratch.
Daron Vener
• Active 4h ago
Bio: Sharing sales secrets validated by 17 years of XP Sold products, services, SAAS in 37 countries Deals from 5k to +1M€/year
Sahil Pandit
Sacramento, CA • INFJ
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Bio: Content Manager for Professional Gamers ($1.4M earnings total) Creator of JustRunnn Skool (Get coached up by a 4:06 miler, win Hoka Gear & MORE 🙌)
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Josh Thompson
AI strategist unlocking business potential, I empower entrepreneurs to overcome hurdles and thrive in their ventures with innovative AI solutions.

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