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Alvin Cotton
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Lindy Werwa
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Bio: Two health conscious/biohacking dog lovers from NYC/LA and now Sarasota. Here to make wherever we are a better, happier funnier place!!
Georges Filho
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Bio: Retired Army combat veteran.
Vigg Marie de Zerne
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Bio: Lover and Researcher of all things ocean, sun, wind, water, sailing, wellness and inspiring and facilitating creating and living our Bella Vita!
Stephanie Porter
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Bio: Mom of one! Yoga enthusiast and on a journey to heal myself! 🩵❤️
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Brice Hagens
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Bio: Wife/Mama to 3 boys
Jeanine Fedorko
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Bio: I am an alternative physician for 33 years. I currently live and practice in Sarasota, Fl. I am passionate about giving you your power back.
Lynn Thomas-Beckett
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Bio: Sculptor of Portraits, reliefs, recognition awards, animals. Lived in Santa Barbara, CA., Bend, OR., Port Ludlow, Wa. Sarasota, Fl.
Therese Sotir
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Rebecca Miller
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Bio: Hello, My name is Rebecca.....I am here to learn more about healing and getting my anxiety under control.
Mike Kapica
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Raquel Castro
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Bio: mama | breathwork facilitator | spiritual coach | wholelistic living 🌱
Anne Flynn
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Bio: Scottish Actor
Katrina Raven
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Bio: Owner + Artisan of Smoke+Arrow Leather Bagmaker, Retired midwife, Beader and open to all things positive for our bodies minds and souls 🌷
Nicole Fortier
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Bio: Yoga and healthy living
Brent Mac Phail
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Ann Kotrich
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Bio: ...Just when you thought it couldn't be done!
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Bio: Im here for the videos and chats
Lisa Pederson
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Lieve Cuypers
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Bio: love BEing-here-now
Flo Aristy
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Brian Sandoval
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Bio: Own who you are
Karin Benson
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Mariya Bender
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Karim Manning
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Bio: Hi. I’m here for the sun chips I mean sun tips.
Andrew Devito
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Bio: Screenwriter
Louise Mastro
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Jay Marley
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Bio: Bostonian born beach bum, veteran fitness/health enthusiast, truth-seeking mountain biker 🤙🏼
Johanna J
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Bio: Here to connect and learn.
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