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Dark Dolphin
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Bio: "I'm a professional video editor with millions of views in my name." It will happen one day, I guess.
Dany Washere
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Bio: The major key to your better future is you
Tom Troy
Brisbane, QLD Australia
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Bio: Brisbane-based video editor. I use DaVinci Resolve Studio and I am starting to learn how to use the fusion tab properly!
Stephen G. Pope
Claremont, CA • INTJ
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Bio: Easily scale your content production and distribution with AI automation. Skool investor. Skool Games winner.
Akash Rajpurohit
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Bio: Akash Rajpurohit Video Editor & Graphic Designer
Sam P Dunn
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Bio: 🎬 Video Editor (250M Views) 📈 6-Figure Marketer 🚀 Digital Entrepreneur
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Joseph P
Hello there! I'm an aspiring Video Editor who uses DaVinci Resolve. Always open to chat with others!

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Joined Aug 25, 2023
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