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A place for facilitators to share tips and experiences on design sprints, problem-framing, and design thinking workshops.


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Sprint Forward!
This is the name of the innovation newsletter we have just launched. It is aimed at innovators, whether corporate or individual consultants and we will share practical tools, insights and resources to make innovation more attainable. Subscribe and read the first post here: Happy New Year 🎉 everyone and I wish you all an amazing 2024!
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Ask me anything (AMA)
Hi everyone - today I will host an AMA session about all things design sprints, problem framing, and workshops in general. I am also looking forward to getting to know you better, and discuss how we can make this community as valuable as possible for you. It's at 5 PM CET today and here is the link: See you then.
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I think I might need to do this more often :)
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Will do.
📣📣 Big news from Design Sprint Academy!
We are thinking of bringing back our individual training. Last year, we stopped offering individual design sprint training or Design Sprint Bootcamps, as we called them. It was a tough decision to make on the back of the pandemic, as our bootcamps have been a staple of Design Sprint Academy’s offering since 2016, when it was the first ever design sprint training program launched. Since then, almost 3,000 people have attended the bootcamps in Berlin, London, New York, and Bangalore. 🙌 As you might remember, the bootcamps included: 1️⃣ Design Sprint Training (now AI-powered): A comprehensive 2-day hands-on experience, unraveling each phase of the Design Sprint, from idea to prototyping and testing. 2️⃣ Problem Framing Training: One full day dedicated to understanding and defining complex business challenges based on data and customer insights. 3️⃣ Advanced Facilitation: A two-day facilitation masterclass to boost your workshop facilitation prowess, centered on design sprints but applicable universally. Recently, we have had people contacting us inquiring about individual training, so it got us thinking: why not bring this amazing experience back? If you're keen to join the whole program or want a refresher - please fill in the form below: ➡️ Skip the long learning curve and join our next cohort.
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The first public training this year, is online, on Dec 4 - 5. AI-powered Design Sprints.
hello, from lisbon!
Hi everyone! My name is Pedro. I'm a designer and facilitator from Rio de Janeiro, living now in Lisbon. It's nice to be in touch with a community of fellow facilitators! Let's keep in touch.
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Hi Pedro - welcome and thank you for your contribution.
AI Design Sprints vs. AI-powered Design Sprints
Hi everyone, I recently came across an interesting post on LinkedIn, and it got me thinking. Did you know that there were over 1,000 AI tools released just in March? If I had read this back in March, I probably would have felt slightly overwhelmed - but today, a few months later, things are different, and the excitement is real, as it's truly remarkable to witness the rapid advancements in technology. Have you taken a moment to consider how AI could revolutionize our collaboration methods and, specifically, our approach to innovation? Let's dive into this intriguing topic together: AI design sprints versus AI-powered design sprints. What's your take on it? I'd love to hear your perspective. You could hear ours at our upcoming meetup in London. We're fortunate to be hosted by our friends at YOOX NET-A-PORTER TechHub. The event will take place on Thursday, June 15, 2023, from 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM BST. To get all the details and RSVP, make sure to visit the link below: ➡️ RSVP Here
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AI Design Sprints vs. AI-powered Design Sprints
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@Elizabeta Lončar We will do an online version of this soon.
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@Luisa Morales We will do this online quite soon.
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