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Jon Pugh
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Bio: I Can Teach You How To Turn Your $150 into $5,500 in Just Two Hours Text Me For More Inform TEXT NO: (503) 877-3712
Gregory Brassil
Minneapolis, MN • ENFP
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Bio: Freelance Copywriter, specializing in email, looking to 'move up the ranks' by creating Ronin deals. Hope to meet some cool people in this group...
Jamil Lila
Oakland, CA • ENTP
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Bio: I like investing in mission-driven saas founders, being outside in nature, writing words that inspire change, and cooking insanely delicious food.
Cynthia Barrio
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Bio: An investor and Financial Adviser Thanks WFG
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John Schoenberger
Hello there! I’m a semi-retired professional performance marketer, connector & deal maker. Also a life long student of fascinating people.

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Herndon, Virginia, USA
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