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Kenechukwu Nwachukwu
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Bio: My name is nwachukwu kenechukwu, i am a young aspiring thumb nail designer and bubble developer. if you are interested, let me know
Haider Desh
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Mahesh Banna
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Bio: I'm a student and I wanted to learn a high income skill like a "closing".
Alisha Wahane
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Bio: Alisha Wahane
Aiden Cohen
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Bio: Hi! New here to SMMA
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Bio: smma
Harsh Mewada
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Bio: .
Tanya Vee
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Bio: Iโ€™ll ask chat gpt to finish this later
Bilal Fayyaz
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Bio: Building my agency to $1M ARR | Posting every learning along the way
Stevie Butler
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Bio: Aspiring UX Student with a thirst for knowledge & Freedom. I seek collaboration & connection! #futurebright โœจ
David Osarenren
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Bio: David is a 2D and 3D animator working for a marketing and social media agency that aims to increase its visibility and expand its business.
Taha Siddiq
Chicago, Illinois
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Bio: Founder of Chicago. A modern Digital Marketing Agency. Striving for more in Life Inshallah
Mo Andre
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Bio: Agency owner looking for new ways to attract and serve :)
Shahed Amin
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Bio: Helping business to grow from $0 to Multi 5, 6, or 7 & Figures
ilje Frances Jacobe
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Bio: Intern
Liban D
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Bio: hey
Jane Davies
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Bio: I am a social media manager helping businesses and coaches boost their social media presence on Instagram and Facebook
Flora Aboyewa
Southampton United Kingdom
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Bio: LinkedIn For Breakfast and Million Dollar Sprint Community Manager
Allen Kotlyar
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Bio: Allen Kotlyar
Derrius York
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Bio: Innerlink Global Media
Mohamed EL Gaafary
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Bio: Legal firm marketing agency owner
Thiha Mg
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Bio: Interior Fit-Out Contractor| SMMA owner
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