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I just began the dopamine breathing week in MB30 course. Whooo....that's a bit of work! Does anyone include the dopamine breathing as part of regular practice? If so, how (meaning when and what percentage of your breathwork practice) and why do you use it?
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@Michelle Aurets In the MB30 course it is done lying down. The first day is 2 rounds of 2:30 of breathing and day 5 is 3 rounds of 5:00 min with breath holds after each round.
Breathwork Heals!
I have managed to incorporate Breathwork in some form into every therapy I practice with my clients whether it be a Regression, Meditation, Counselling or even a Massage therapy. To see the benefits of breathing, even in the most gentlest of ways (and yes some times in deeper Breathwork exercises) has had incredible "awakening" moments for them. To hear comments, "I had no idea I wasn't breathing correctly" or "wow that feels so much better" or "I feel an incredibly huge release", makes sharing the passion of Breathwork literally exhilarating. I confess when I see that light bulb moment come on in my client after they experience the connection between what has happened after breathing in their body & emotions I just want to scream & jump like a kid!!! I have to ask does anyone get so frikking excited about sharing even the simplest technique of Breathwork with some one and then seeing them acknowledge it because it works? How can one not LOVE BREATHWORK!!!!
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What type of body work do you practice?
Ancestral Trauma
I experienced the 9D Ancestral Trauma Journey today. It was quite an experience. I am impressed by the capacity of this format to assist in letting go, being vulnerable and settling into the process of acknowledgement, acceptance and release. A moving, emotional and rather physical experience. I am Grateful...
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@Yanick Labuthie Hi Yanick. The experience was similar quite similar to other journey experiences I've had in then past...unrelated to the work done here with Brian Kelly. I have a shamanic journey practice...using drums and rattles to access "non ordinary reality". The ancestral 9D experience was the most similar to my shamanic journey experience...not entirely sure why. Tapping into a community of family elders also felt powerful and relevant...very supportive.
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@Michelle AuretsI don't think the replay is still available and I'm not sure if it will be posted to the classroom. I would certainly benefit from doing it again.
Getting back in the groove...
Hello fellow BMCs and BMCs to be, Just wanted to give you an update on what's happening with me as I used to be quite active in this forum and then suddenly dropped out of sight. (No reflection on you) After I graduated as a BMC and 9D verified facilitator in June, all of the hectic learning stuff stopped and I ended up in a vacuum with no clue as to what I had to do or where I wanted to go. I even stopped doing breathwork for a couple of months, starting to doubt the path I had placed myself on over 3 years ago. Imposter syndrome also kicked in (certainly didn't help) and it took a lot of soul searching to come to the place where I'm at today. So, here's where I am. Guiding journeys via both Zoom and in person gave me some of the best feelings I've ever had so I will continue that. I've arranged for Breathwork Wednesdays so that every week I dedicate one day to spreading this "medicine". Wednesdays are free so that more people can join and I can do what I love to do (which keeps me in practice). If you'd like to join me you can sign up here Upcoming Wednesday (Nov 15) I'll be guiding the 9D Abundance journey at both 8 am and 2 pm (Bali GMT + 8) Looking forward to seeing you there. Let's breath together and make the world a better place. Emile p.s. I wil be more active in this forum
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Super solid…motivated, dedicated…persistent. Emile…your path forward seems built for success. I wish you well as you gather momentum s as no grow into this new space you’re creating
Hello! New to breathwork here in Alberta Canada. Going to give the 5 day challenge a whirl and see where this takes me 😊
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Welcome! How's the 5 day challenge going?
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@Jerri Heaton Keep on keeping on! First thing in the morning woked for me too
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