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Mia Arrowsmith
Great Britain
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Bio: Help biz owners, entrepreneurs, leaders and those seeking success. Develop their mind, body & soul. From struggles to optimum wellbeing & longevity.
Melitta Campbell
Montreux, Switzerland
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Bio: The Value Whisperer: helping women Communicate their True Value so they can attract more Dream Clients, and feel proud of their income and impact.
Ulla Engelhardt
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Bio: Easy & Great with the Power of 8 I offer playful spaces for heroes‘ journeys - creative therapy processes to tame Anxiety Monsters with young people.
Jennie Reed
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Bio: Helping teachers feel proud of their pronunciation&create positive learning environments.English pronunciation coach for non-native English teachers.
Sapna Pieroux
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Bio: Sapna Pieroux, Brand Superhero! Multi-award-winning brand consultant, author, speaker. My super-power? Rebranding your business in just one day!
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Jodi Kane
Supporting small business owners ready to reduce overwhelm by building foundations to improve processes and systems.

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