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Hernani Alves
Portugal • ESFJ
• Active 59d ago
Bio: I'll add my bio later, thanks.
Sergio Andrade
• Active 60d ago
Bio: Tbd
Brandon Mayorga
Bergen • INFP
• Active 35d ago
Bio: Apple enthusiast. Always learning about design and app development.
Helder Martins
• Active 45d ago
Bio: I am passionate about creating products that are accessible, usable, and beautiful for everyone.
Nelson José
• Active 45d ago
Bio: Freelance Product & Strategy Designer with a decade of experience.
Ch Hasnain
• Active 92d ago
Bio: Architect
David Rovira
Boca Raton, Florida, USA
• Active 5m ago
Bio: Hi! Here to connect with other creative professionals, and practice our skills together!
Gordana Rauski
Vancouver • ENFP
• Active 26d ago
Bio: Facilitator. Educator. Design Thinker.
Brian Paget
Arlington, VA USA
• Active 199d ago
Bio: Founder MeetMoji -tech to run better workshops Former Strategy Tech & Marketing Exec at Amazon, Adobe, SAP, and IBM
Karen Gouveia
• Active 224d ago
Bio: UX Designer
Göran Hielscher
Berlin, Bali, Nairobi • ENTP
• Active 5d ago
Bio: 🚀 Internationally active design thinker, facilitator and speaker. Corporate & conscious workshop formats & DJ. Constantly embracing the new! 🌍
Fachriadi Tanjung
• Active 66d ago
Bio: Active Deep Learner eXperience (ADLX) Facilitator. Facilitator for transformation the learning into performance.
Susanne van den Berg
Rotterdam • ENFP
• Active 251d ago
Bio: I am an octopus that likes to create movement, but sometimes trip over my own legs. I am interested in group dynamics and organizational psychology.
Divyansh Pandey
• Active 293d ago
Bio: Junior UX/UI Designer. Here to learn about Facilitation.
Kay Agwu
• Active 300d ago
Bio: Interested in new ways of doing things .
Musakabantu Unene
Lusaka, Zambia • INFJ
• Active 223d ago
Bio: My name is Musakabantu Dickens Unene (Feel free to call me Musa). I am a People & Talent Specialist.
Scott Fry
El Cajon, CA, United States
• Active 66d ago
Bio: (He, him, his) Southern California. 10 years of group facilitation. Sharing & Learning. Foci: Consensus, High Participation, Public Policy.
Michael Susara
• Active 92d ago
Bio: I'm new to facilitating and workshopping and want to learn from the best. Looking to learn and apply new skills to sales opportunities in my field.
Boris Petrovitch Njegosh
• Active 15d ago
Bio: Adept with digital technologies & product design, I'm in Lisbon to change my world 😎 Remote and intercultural collaboration is my new black 🔥
Jeffrey Mesina
Sydney, Australia
• Active 2d ago
Bio: Head of Learning for a not-for-profit that helps young people to build social enterprises. Born in Toronto, taco lover, 3rd worst surfer in Sydney.
Will Stammers
• Active 135d ago
Bio: I partner with organisation and their people to innovate by using collaborate techniques to guide them to outcomes at pace.
Akshay Chillal
• Active 30d ago
Bio: Innovation Expert at Amdocs | AJ&Smart Certified Design Sprint Facilitator | Design Thinking Practitioner | Distinguished Toastmaster
Laura Salas
• Active 43d ago
Bio: Facilitation Fan! Love adapting methodologies!
Hassanein Ismail
Khartoum, Sudan
• Active 32d ago
Bio: Team building facilitator, passionate about learning & education. My motto bringing the best out of people. Hungry for learning & new experiences :)
Isabel Novais Machado
• Active 20d ago
Bio: Mom of 4, design centered life and working mainly for digital innovation and excellence services for real humans with real needs!
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Joao Ribeiro
I facilitate Innovation teams @Galp (Energy; $15B annual revenue) and the @University of Bergen. Join my newsletter at

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