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OpenAI Just Keeps Dropping the Good Stuff!
OpenAI just did it again! Just when Google thought it had the spotlight with its new AI model, Gemini, OpenAI TOTALLY stole their thunder by introducing a new video tool - say hello to Sora! 🚀 Named after the Japanese word for "sky," Sora is OpenAI's latest marvel, turning text into videos that are nothing short of magical. This means CHATGPT will create videos for us!! WOOHOO! Coming SOON! Picture this: you type out a scene, and Sora brings it to life with videos that could easily pass for Hollywood work. We're talking complex scenes, emotions, and characters all woven together from simple text prompts. And yes, it's as cool as it sounds! While Sora's still getting prepped for the big stage, the buzz is real. Imagine, not too long ago, we were all amazed by AI making pictures. Now? We're on the brink of creating movie-like clips with just our words. OpenAI's not just stepping up the game; they're changing it entirely. Stay tuned, folks, because the future of content creation is about to get a whole lot more interesting with Sora. 🤖 My AI Two Cents... OpenAI Just Keeps Delivering, and this time, they're gifting us the ability to create Text to Cinematic Video GOLD! 🎥✨ Now, the big question on everyone's mind: When can we get our hands on this game-changing feature? While there's no set date just yet, the anticipation is building. OpenAI is known for its meticulous approach, ensuring that when Sora does become available, it'll be nothing short of perfection. We're talking about a tool that's set to revolutionize content creation, making the leap from static images and text to dynamic, emotionally rich video content. The impact? Huge. Imagine the possibilities for storytellers, marketers, educators, and creators of all kinds. Sora is not just about making videos; it's about bringing imagination to life, breaking down barriers to video production, and democratizing storytelling. Whether you're looking to create engaging content for your brand, educational materials that captivate, or simply bring your wildest stories to life, Sora promises to be a game-changer.
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Ah yes - poor Google! 😅 I note that they’re not releasing for public use yet due to considerations around ethics. I’d be happy to act as one of their testers anyway! Unbelievable leap in quality! 🤩
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@Ronda Moore Thanks so much, Ronda! I’ll definitely be checking that out. 🙌
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@Kim Garst Thanks so much, Kim! Appreciate you creating this community and for the welcome! I’ve been a bit busy since joining (for a change! 😅) so my apologies for the delayed response! I hope you’re having a great week! A call would be fab. Always up for coffee! ☕️🤩 Take care, Jo
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Yes please!
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