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Natalie Brusnahan
Cairns, Australia ā€¢ ISFJ
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Bio: šŸ”Ž Here to simplify your home buying journey šŸ™‹ I work with buyers, brokers + agents to help get you into your dream home
Sharmini Fraser
Perth, WA ā€¢ ENFJ
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Bio: Bespoke WordPress Web Designer
Jessica Kaitse
Perth Australia ā€¢ INFJ
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Bio: Creator, writer, connecting human experiences in the digital realm through stories visualised in websites and strategy.
Kat Piachaud
Perth, WA ā€¢ ESFJ
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Bio: Bookkeeper & Outsourced CFO | Supporting female entrepreneurs to scale and save time by managing their accounts
Sasha Eburne
Gold Coast ā€¢ ENFJ
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Bio: VA/OBM Coach
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Jess Spendlove
I help high performers gain more energy, get to the top & stay there by harnessing the power of nutrition, sleep & other high performing behaviours

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