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Ghizlane Jadraoui
• Active 3d ago
Bio: Never give up 👩🏽‍💻💪🏽
Tawheed Momin Yusuf
Dubai, UAE
• Active 27d ago
Bio: I am (HoReCa) Hotels, Restaurant and Catering professional, now making this for my niche in coaching. Aspiring for my career in coaching industry.
Vikki King
United Kingdom 🇬🇧 • INFJ
• Active 69d ago
Bio: Embracing wellness. Learning to heal with food, find my voice again. Reversed Type 2 diabetes, Fibro Warrior, very recently late diagnosed autism.
Nahikari Mendoza
• Active 38d ago
Bio: An educator looking to build more robust coaching skills to accompany youth and other professionals working with youth.
Sreeraj Malieckal
• Active 55d ago
Bio: I help people find their inner strength and wisdom. Live the life you want to live.
Kylee Leota
• Active 16d ago
Bio: My name is Kylee and I coach in the Leadership and High Performance Teams space. I also am a Neurodiversity Coach
David O Sullivan
Dublin Ireland
• Active 8d ago
Bio: 63 year from Dublin ireland I'm delighted to have gotten this opportunity to help myself anf others that transforms find purpose success and the why
Kris Dumon
• Active 102d ago
Bio: Concept Design Maestro 20y expertise. Elevatie start-ups, guide innovation. Coaching creatives through mindset, leadership, & branding. Let’s connect
David Walter
Mesa, Arizona
• Active 37d ago
Bio: My name is David Walter, the founder and CEO of several companies. One of them thrives on strategic consulting and business development.
Roland Tamini
• Active 6d ago
Bio: M
Karen Christine Sengupta
• Active 28d ago
Bio: I am an Appointment Setter & Coach. I help coaches/consultants get appointments with qualified buyers and help unblock people to acheive their goals.
Carrie Branovan
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
• Active 150d ago
Bio: An internationally acclaimed photographic artist, Movement Medicine Teacher & Workshop Leader, 1:1 Visibility Coach for Individuals and Organizations
Simon Hossain
• Active 3d ago
Bio: I Build a Great Sales Team!
Shernette Simpson
• Active 140d ago
Bio: Holistic Health and L.I.F.E Coaching with an emphasis on RELATIONSHIPS.
Terri Wilson
Michigan ✋👈😃 • INTJ
• Active 27d ago
Bio: Transitional Life Coach, Author, and Aspiring Speaker. 🖐😃 Helping Life Coaches be Better Coaches
Shane Harada
• Active 65d ago
Bio: Hacking Your BrainSpace Life Coach and Holistic, Intuitive Chiropractor combining Quantum Physics, Eastern and Western Philosophies in Truth/Freedom.
Jed Sheldon
• Active 110d ago
Bio: I have been a teacher and a father for 20 years and on some level I have been consistently coaching. I’m excited about this new endeavor!
Ilze Iesalniece
Ventspils, Latvia
• Active 20h ago
Bio: An Expert Coach in the making… 👩‍🎓 My area of interest is family planning.
Tish Saint Mary
• Active 2d ago
Bio: Hello! I'm a pharmacist and Relationship Alchemist. I use my expertise in mental health therapeutics as the foundation of my coaching.
Jasmin Peters
• Active 77d ago
Bio: Psychosomatic Pain Coach - Hypnotherapist Helping people to move past shame and chronic pain cycles. Healing your inner child & learning boundaries.
Søren Stausholm
• Active 27d ago
Bio: Proud Co-founder of The Secret Academy - The Tribute to Women! It's The Movement of Confident Women. You should join our FREE newsletter below
John Jesus
• Active 14d ago
Bio: Self-Awareness Coach | Married, father of two | My book new book, THE SELF AWARE, out now -->
Dawn Cuckow
• Active 142d ago
Bio: I help women get rid of cravings and stop giving their bodies the message to store fat with an anti-diet method that shifts the weight for good
Nesrin Bakalova
• Active 27d ago
Bio: My passion is learning and teaching weight loss strategies
Petro Wall
• Active 128d ago
Bio: On a journey to find my true purpose in life. Biggest passion is to truly make a difference and spread joy and love and kindness
Michelle Robinson
London • ESFJ
• Active 2d ago
Bio: Michelle - I'm an Enterprise Architecture Consultant supporting SME's with rising operational costs
Chris Porter
• Active 72d ago
Bio: By training a teacher of English as a second language, coach and counsellor here to maximise the difference I can make.
Angel Williams
Plant City
• Active 15d ago
Bio: Chef of 25yrs and jack of all trades. I’m 45 and still actively street Skateboard! Since Covid began I’ve been on a self discovery quest! Love Love!
Steve Allen
• Active 3d ago
Bio: Growing a digital publishing business to raise human consciousness, whilst helping coaches reach a wider audience and convert more sales.
Elena Zanfei
• Active 8h ago
Bio: (pronounced Ellen 'ah) Empowerment coach of 22 yrs/Using my 37-yr healing journey 2 help others move from ego’s pain to the love & light of their soul
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Jerome Forman
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