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Doug Amos
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Bio: Coach, Course Creator, Strategist
Aroha Turner
📍Aotearoa, New Zealand • INTJ
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Bio: ŌKUPU. Discovering what I don't know, I don't know.
Nicole Berinobis
Kamuela, Hawaii
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Bio: Medical Massage Teacher, Business owner mother, Sock finder, glorified laundry lady, butler or just Aunty Nikki. Never forgot the best Hug Giver.
Sam Nodier
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Bio: Elevated Marketing Minds Member Support Specialist.
Judy Retano
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Bio: I am a powerful, influential leader that loves to support empower others to honor their authenticity, their true potential and crush limiting beliefs.
Dan Cornelius
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Bio: Super Excited To Learn The Next Level of AI Advertising with You All! 😎👊
Jen Ingratta
Essex Ontario canada
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Bio: Creative mother of 3 looking to expand my knowledge base and excel in my life and hopefully take my finances to the next level..
Ronnie Barrett
Ohio • ENFP
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Bio: Passionate entrepreneur, loves marketing, tech and traveling with my wife. Values meaningful conversations. Owns a used car lot and a moving company.
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Jeremy Johnson
Hi, I work in the financial service industry and happy to be a part of this group.

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Joined Jan 15, 2024
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