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Amanda Perkins
Denver, CO
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Bio: On a mission to make work not suck for as many humans as possible. Currently working hard to stop always thinking like a consultant.
Michael Garman
Fredericksburg, Virginia
• Active 91d ago
Bio: Innovation specialist transforming into an Innovation generalist. I am the Senior Innovation Manager at Hamilton Beach working hard to reinvent myself
Roman Bercot
• Active 9h ago
Bio: Product designer, facilitator, podcast host, and standup comedian
Jackie Das
USA and Hungary
• Active 264d ago
Bio: I train teams to excel at conducting 'high stakes' meetings and presentations
Helen Dibble
Manchester, UK • ENFP
• Active 89d ago
Bio: Southern Brit living in the north. Copywriting agency owner. Love my dog, property and pursuing my potential
Cedric Atkinson
Toronto Canada • ENFP
• Active 12h ago
Bio: COO & CRO @ MMK Marketing | A latecomer to life skier and now obsessed with CRIT Racing
Hetal Gustafsson
Gothenburg, Sweden
• Active 373d ago
Bio: New to the community, and excited to do the Workshopper Master course.
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Jennifer Parker
I'm a scrum master and have always had a passion for creative workshops. I love to run in my free time.

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Joined Oct 15, 2022
Colorado, USA
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