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Vivian Zhang
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Bio: Grad student at Cornell; Had a few years of experience of Ashtanga
Heather Hargrove
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Bio: Automation Expert For 6 and 7-figure Fit Pros | Boosting Efficiency by at least 30%, Revenue by up to 300% | Empowering Fit Pros to Scale Smarter
Selena Torrado
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Bio: asdf
Divyanshu Taluja
Dubai, UAE
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Bio: Iam a High Ticket 121 Coach; Helping Coaches to become a Peak Performer both in their business as well as kick ass in their personal Life.
Elina Solaita
American Samoa
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Bio: Empowering people to take back their health by providing professional expertise, personal experience and extreme passion using lifestyle medicine.
Avalon Bunge
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Bio: yoga since 2009!
Andrea Hazard
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Bio: Besides yoga, I enjoy bicycling, hiking, canoeing, and skiing. I am pictured here in a bike trip across NYS.
Erin Cuddihy
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Bio: Erin
Sarah Jefferis
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Valerie McAllister
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Bio: Excited to learn new yoga techniques!
Tolani Yesufu
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Bio: .
Malorie Tadimi
Miami, Florida USA • INTP
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Bio: I build 6 and 7-figure coaching businesses for my clients. Check out my FREE Business Mastermind @
Aaron Erol
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Bio: Rotterdam/Istanbul based entrepreneur
Cheyenne Carter
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Bio: Background in Environmental Studies, wilderness guiding, 500 hour YTT based in Ayurveda, trauma informed studies, foraging, & microdosing.
Robert Goss
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Jennie Legary
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Bio: Opera singer, arts education advocate, marketing consultant, and coach encouraging and empowering women to create with confidence.
Kelsi Sandoz
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Alida Dean
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Bio: ...
Emilie Gray
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Bio: I love watching the trees sway and hearing the birds sing as I tend to what grows.
Richard Sheiman
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Bio: I enjoy renovating my old house , hiking in the woods and stream with my dog. I have done yoga since I was 20 & now I pushing 60. Movement & breath
Angela Schuh
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Bio: .
Edie Jodz
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Bio: Mom, wife, yogi.
Brianna Thompson
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Bio: daffodils
Carly Lapin
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Bio: Hard working, outdoorsy, active, dog-loving lady
Carsten Hess
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Bio: no
Anya Chernyshova
San Francisco Bay Area • INFJ
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Bio: Coaching business leaders and teams to thrive and grow their impact by hiring the best people and becoming the best leaders they can be.
Francine Rivera
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Jacob Sheavly
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Bio: 🍉☀️🌙🪷🌍🌊🍋
Michelle Wheeler
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Theresa Staats
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Bio: Just recently started in my Yoga journey and so excited to take that next step!
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Jenni Cunningham
Jenni Sol Yoga is a place to play with yoga asana, as well as level up yoga knowledge with like-minded yoga nerds. Join the playground to your soul.

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