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Kourtney` Rincon
• Active 450d ago
Bio: I'm a mom of 4. CrossFit athlete, lover of nature and the arts. I'm always down for learning and self improvement!
Risha Shahman
Manchester, United Kingdom • INFJ
• Active 542d ago
Bio: I love all things creative, I make candles, soaps & pots. I absolutely understand about energy flow & want to learn as much as I can about Fen Shui.
Supriya Yenpure
• Active 34d ago
Bio: Here to create the life of my dreams.
Swarnima Jena
Bhubaneswar, India
• Active 327d ago
Bio: Hey! I am Swarnima from India. I am a young entrepreneur who is promoting crafts of Odisha. So grateful to be a part of this community. @_7.rainbow_
Claudia Lara
• Active 523d ago
Bio: Work in healthcare. Interested in FengShui for the past 10 years
Danielle Jarkowsky
Oregon • INFJ
• Active 392d ago
Bio: I grew up in Rhode Island and now live with my husband in Oregon. I love learning and practicing home design, feng shui, photography and card making.
David Draey
Kurdistan - Iraq • ESTJ
• Active 9h ago
Bio: CEO of - Sales Director of - Former Executive @
Shene Sharif
• Active 320d ago
Bio: .
Deanna Milton
• Active 560d ago
Bio: I am a mom to two fabulous adult children and 5 furbabies. I have a passion for organization and efficiency - and naps. Oh, how I love naps :)
Cheri Kyprianou
• Active 568d ago
Bio: Feng shui
Silvie Celiz
Multiverse, Metaverse
• Active 636d ago
Bio: I train/mentor high performers become HIGHLY INTUITIVE to OPTIMIZE themselves/life/relationships. Founder:MOVEbit AlCHEMY|Unschooling Mom|SourcePlayer
Jonda Beattie
• Active 632d ago
Bio: I am a professional organizer. I am interested in helping people enjoy they stuff rather than letting the stuff control the people.
Michele Ledoux
• Active 820d ago
Bio: Caterer, personal chef, lover of Family, all things outdoors and animals
Antonio De Nes
Brazil / Italy
• Active 9d ago
Bio: We help MBAs to get highly paid jobs in Tech by our Career Accelerator (
Magdalena Astorga
Park City
• Active 442d ago
Bio: I’m Magda, I am from México City and now I live in Park City. I have 3 daughters (9,3,1) and I work full time in HR.
Cyndi Cass
Atlanta, Georgia
• Active 817d ago
Bio: I'm working on my work-life balance. I love hanging out with friends and family, meeting new people and working in the garden.
Cyndi Johnson
Raleigh, North Carolina • ISTJ
• Active 541d ago
Bio: Just trying to keep on keeping’ on…..
Chantaine Rhoe-Bulluck
• Active 408d ago
Bio: Just call me "The More Vacations Lady"! I'm a mom, grandmom and living younger on purpose every day.
Kristin Soro
Austin, TX • ENFP
• Active 692d ago
Bio: Create ways to motivate and inspire change through the connection of cross-functional talent to drive outcomes.
Sean Dinwiddie
Redding, CA • ENTP
• Active 10d ago
Bio: I help elite administrators to dominate the industry by leading their software development teams. Senior online country clubber 🏌🏻‍♂️👨🏼‍💻🧬👥🎉
Chrystal Pruitt
• Active 320d ago
Bio: Family, travel, horses and boating
Christina Williams
• Active 408d ago
Bio: I'm a full-time mom married to the love of my life. Serving others is what I do. My love for learning never ends.
Tanya Becnel
• Active 391d ago
Bio: Venice & all things “Italy”!
Usha Bala
• Active 34d ago
Bio: listening to audible, reading, napping, dogs, and hanging out with family
Giulia Guerrieri
New York, NY • ENFJ
• Active 40m ago
Bio: I generated $2M+ cash as a content creator, now I teach others how to do the same. 👉🏼 You can find me on Instagram: @iamgiuliaguerrieri
Caitlin Davis
• Active 795d ago
Bio: I help women live their ideal life by aligning their finances with their values
Tamara Howard
• Active 809d ago
Bio: Born and raised Colorado girl who loves freedom.
Dana Konovalov
• Active 843d ago
Bio: I am evolving
Carrie Targos
Midway UT • ISFP
• Active 405d ago
Bio: I'm jack of all trades...currently selling Real Estate in Utah. I'm interested in self-improvement, growth, learning, happiness and health.
Jolene Bushman
• Active 409d ago
Bio: Benefits and Leave Analyst for my profession, Artist, Papercrafter, Reader, Feng Shui Enthusiast, Friend, and Experience Seeker.
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Jen Boyd
Feng Shui Expert who helps professionals to uplevel their success, prosperity, and inner harmony by becoming a conscious creator with Feng Shui.

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Salt Lake City, UT
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