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Addison Mary
united state
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Bio: I am Mary by name, a crowdfunding expert with a deep understanding of digital marketing, crowdfunding campaign I help people to promote business
Meera Nicky
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Bio: Am good at what I do
Troy Dugo
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Vladimir Montero
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Dayne Hill
North Carolina • INFP
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Bio: Event Coordinator
Mikal Krall
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Bio: Web designer, board game developer, workflow optimizer.
Jim Bown
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Bio: Never tried to market a product on social media before. 😳
Ben Sainsbury
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Bio: Entrepreneur, writer, game developer
Benjamin Peters
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Max Lowy
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Bio: Max Lowy
Joshua Soldate
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Bio: An artist and game designer from the Seattle area who designed the game Sharsara
Michael Noble
Dayton, OH
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Bio: Healthcare worker. Always creating and working on new projects.
Anna Janet
United States
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Bio: I'm an expert in Shopify store development, social media Ads, website development, logo design, and Christmas manager
Manqoba Mkhize
South Africa
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Bio: Passionate CEO & President of African Wanderers FC, driving success on and off the field. Championing community empowerment and African football exce.
Liisi Vuorjoki
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Bio: Passionate and determined.
Paul Hebert
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Shane Prasad
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Bio: IT Engineer trying to open up own business
Roberto Chiera
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Bio: Founder of a digital company, I'm a business lover
Francielle McHale
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Bio: Francielle (She/her)
Floris Verweij
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Bio: Hi! My name is Floris and I'm from the Netherlands.
Sanjana Agarwal
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Bio: Excited to discover this!
Tennyson Renner
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Bio: Product development engineer with a passion for manufacturing
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Bio: Just starting out.
Brandon Ayers
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Bio: College Football Legacy game
Yuxin Liu
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Tyler Drust
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Bio: Hustle
Cole Aansen
Atlanta, Georgia, US • ENFJ
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Bio: Hi! I'm Cole. I'm a literacy intervention teacher. Proceeds from my company, Lois Mae Living, support our grant award for women in business.
Drew Dyer
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Bio: easy does it
Sky Sterry
Bozeman Montana
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Bio: Professional bag and pack designer finally grew a pair and decided to start his own brand!
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