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Bruno Rodrigues
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Bio: Chasqui Outdoor Clothing Co-founder
Sabrina Michaelo
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Bio: I am Sabrina, co-founder of AyMamucha (a community of 120.000 Spanish speaking moms in the US and former Creative Director of Azulik (Tulum, México)
Robert Quattlebaum
Ashland, OR
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Bio: Engineer and maker. Former Googler and Apple employee, now pivoting career to bespoke electronics and architectural art.
Andrew Goeldner
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Bio: Creator of the startup brand Flood Packs
Ibrahim Maguiraga
• Active 17d ago
Bio: kawaii lifestyle
Carlos Bedoya
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Bio: Automation engineer, hobbyist and robotics enthusiast!
Ross Burton
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Elijah Erny
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Gary S
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James Frost
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Mark Spitzberg
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Bio: Entrepreneur
Alfred B
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Timothy Duperon
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Bio: Jewelery designer
Hyacinth Maniquis
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Joseph Fry
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Bio: First time Founder building the world's best pull down bed!
Liam Clark
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Bio: Bug Beater Outdoor Chairs - The Original Bug-Proof Camping Chair
Sebastiaan Kraaijveld
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Bio: Launching in July!
David Khyel
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Bio: 23
Nikunj Choudhari
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Bio: Co founder of Tusk
Thomas Höglund
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Bio: Finnish parallel entrepreneur and roboticist
Locklan Gilbert
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Bio: Entrepreneur managing Honour Skincare, an Anti-sweat solution business.
Ignacio Ruiz
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Bio: Founder
Mike Molina
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Bio: Retired veteran commander of a VFW owner of two companies, and have two products ready to share with the world.
Anna Fedoseeva
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Donna Wagner
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Brian Se
• Active 5d ago
Bio: Outdoor adventure equipment company
Khaled Abbas
Vancouver, Canada
• Active 15d ago
Bio: Tech expert and Pine & Co. founder, creating modern, stylish, and sustainable products to elevate outdoor experiences and bring people together.
Richard Saloka
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Bio: My name is Richard, currently working on launching a card game.
John Musster
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Bio: Founder and CEO of HERM Logic LLC (USA) and HERM Group Limited (HK). I lead a team of professionals who are customer centered and innovative.
Jordan Silvestri
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Bio: a
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