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Giovanni Sanchez
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Bio: 17
Kristóf Mechler
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Bio: I’m a 17 years old hungarian young man full of ambitions. My goal is to build a community and be a leader of it!
Kelvin Gevers
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Bio: Yoooo
Gautham Narayan
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Bio: A wandering learner.
Yash Gupta
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Bio: Electronic Engineer 1st year from India | Aspiring Entrepreneur and a man with improving himself better than an average
Jacob Evans
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Bio: nice
Kasparas Stancikas
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Bio: I am 15 years old male on self improvement:)
Phillip John
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Bio: N/A
Muhammed Uwaise
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Bio: Be a good listner to find some suggestions, Educator to be help kids to find some ground to stay out of comfort zones. Values always priority
Mym Ilham
Srilanka • INFP
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Bio: React developer
Mahima Rose Valentina
India • ENTJ
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Bio: Think Big
Deepak Pa
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Bio: I am a philosophy student. Not happy with how it is taught in schools. Want to seek wisdom from philosophical practice. I feel cant just work alone.
Adam Saint
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Bio: you've always been nobody
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