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Miracle Alozie
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Bio: Hi, my name is Alozie Miracle Patrick the founder of Zypher-ix and a fullstack mern software engineer with about 5 years of experience.
Nishant Mehta
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Bio: this is nice app
Eniola Ipoola
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Bio: Software Android Developer
Youcef El kamel
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Bio: Founder of the AI Productivity Game: BeeDone during the night and CTO of Evolum startup during the Day
Sean Dinwiddie
Redding, CA • ENTP
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Bio: I help elite administrators to dominate the industry by leading their software development teams. Senior online country clubber 🏌🏻‍♂️👨🏼‍💻🧬👥🎉
Stew O'Brien
Hastings & London
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Bio: Work: Sales Dev Leader. Expertise - Promo Strategy, CRO, CRM, CDP's, Loyalty, Data Capture. Life: Dog lover, Gooner, scuba diver, DJ, decent cook.
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Jean Lewis
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