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Daniel Hess
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Robb Quinn
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Bio: Recruiting Firm - Training Remote Sales Reps & Sales Managers. We connect these trained professionals with established online high ticket businesses.
Sam Konzem
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Luke Vonhollen
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Bio: Powerlifting sales professional
Dylan Malone
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Bio: RCA Student
Aaron Martinez
Arkansas • ISFP
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Bio: Been making videos for 16 years! I love sales and content creation 🎥 💵
Jessica Kraintz
France • ENFP
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Bio: Hello, I'm Jess! From Seattle, living in France as a corporate recruiter, I'm excited for this opportunity to become a remote closer :-)
Vincen Marasco III
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Bio: Time to grind 💪
Kaelan Brisebois
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Bio: I also go by Breezy!
Paul Palsovic
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Bio: .
Aaron Murphy
Bellingham, WA
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Bio: Happiest when I'm improving, learning, and sharing what I know.
Genevieve Jarvis
Washington, USA
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Bio: Sales badass in the making. Creative at heart. Author, musician, flow artist, vj in training and whatever else comes my way. "Be here now."
Diane Proulx
Alberta Canada
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Bio: The only way to fail is to quit.
Aim Vandenberg
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Bio: Head of RCA Sales
Natalie Kendig
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Bio: Live laugh love
Chiemerie Okafor-oguerina
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Gary Canhoto
Toronto, Canada
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Bio: Future Closer
D'Marco Mireles
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Bio: From Big Island Hawaii
Steve Bernard
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Bio: I was born to Close. I have been following Tony Robbins and gang since their content was on cassette tapes...
Chris Pichardo
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Bio: 1% better everyday
Ian Kendall
Texas • INTJ
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Bio: Got into Tax Lien Investment and Affiliate Marketing this year. Looking to acquire sales skills. More recently part of essential services marketing
Jorge Sousa
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Bio: #dayone #kaizen #ganbatte #unfulfilledpotential
Margaret Ackroyd
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Bio: Humble student of life. Electrical engineer during 9-5PST business week. Silicon Valley veteran
Troy Mathew
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Bio: Strong-willed, competitive and an avid traveler. Experienced in sales but new to the high-ticket space. Super excited to meet you all and learn a ton!
Brandon Carroll
Houston,TX • ENFP
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Bio: Live from H-town I'm here to network and learn all I can. Strangers are just friends I haven't met yet, so don't be shy.
Jonathan Jean-Louis
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Bio: NY
Susie Fedun
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Bio: Hello I’m Susie :) here to learn everything about sales and grow in this space.
David Lozano
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Bio: Mechanic/Remote Closer
Chris Cavalier
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Bio: Here to explore the world of sales and change my current life status. There cannot be growth without discomfort.
Jesus Baeza
Los Angeles
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Bio: Average is the enemy. IG (baezza.j)
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