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Joana Maas
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Bio: Digital marketer & manager for small/ medium biz. Automation/ landing pages/ FB ads are my thing. On GHL for bout 3 years - it’s a life saver!
Nikki Chamberlain
Perth • ESFJ
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Bio: Your ultimate work-wife! I help passionate women in biz increase revenue and get weekends back through tailored virtual support & automations.
Natalie Brusnahan
Cairns, Australia • ISFJ
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Bio: 🔎 Here to simplify your home buying journey 🙋 I work with buyers, brokers + agents to help get you into your dream home
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Jassmine Chaar
Jassmine Psychotherapist & Hypnotherapist Mentoring Women to Mindset Success Podcast Host | Author | Mama of 3

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