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Unconsciously setting me back?
I'm feeling that after my first big and ancestral release I didn't get anymore releases that deep. It's been a few months and I know journeys will always move us somewhere we need most but I wonder if I'm trying to control it unconsciously. If so, has anyone felt this way? What did you do about it to get through?
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I feel that this is part of the journey. It’s natural to want a release or insight out whatever. This has happened to me many times. It’s like I try until i finally recognize that I’m blocking myself with trying and then begin a new process of letting go of expectations and allow for release to happen in the way that is best for me. It’s great that you are aware!
Shamanic Breathwork
Does anybody use Shamanic music for their playlists? I really enjoy Byron Metcalf and his music.
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@Mike Swaney I used a track by Anugama that was well received by participants in my last class. Shamanic music is my go to for breathing sessions.
Post-Journey Cravings
Every single time I do a journey, I have an overpowering desire to eat chocolate - and I’m a pretty clean eater who doesn’t eat a lot of junk, and doesn’t usually really love chocolate. I feel nuts writing this because I’m having a hard time making sense of it. So, help me out - does anyone else have any cravings or compulsions immediately after a journey???
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Chocolate is very grounding. I often eat chocolate or drink cacao after a journey to help me get re-centered, especially if the session is really spiritual/energetic.
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@Mike Carney I love this. So true and something I needed to remember. Thank you!
Nasal breathing during cardio?
Are there any more keen runners keeping their mouth 100% shutt? Nasal breathing during running sure helps me maintain a sustainable pace and prevent overexertion. I have a history of increasing training to fast and getting injured. Practising the nasal breathing sure helped a lot, it also allows for a better oxygen exchange, enhance endurance and overall performance on my longer runs. Additionally, I find it higly meditative. Would love to hear your experiences!
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I’ve heard about nasal only breathing but haven’t tried. I’m super conditioned to mouth breathing in any situation other than meditation/relaxation. I actually just realized that I have a fear of not having enough… thanks so much for posting…sorry I can’t give more of an experience with nasal breathing. Definitely going to look into training.
HI Everyone. My name is Antoinette and I am from South Africa. I am new to breathwork but so far loving some of the exercises I have been trying out. My favourite one probably being the 10/20/30 technique. I am in the process of working through the 5 day challenge and have just completed day 4 but have a question. In the content section of day 4 when Brian describes the practice for the day, he says that we hold on the in breath as well as on the out breath but when he did the actual practice, he only instructed us to hold on the in breath. I would really appreciate some clarification on this.
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