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Oana Stoleriu
• Active 167d ago
Bio: Finished JPP training ✨ Channeling teacher and facilitator ✨ Love everything about magic ✨ Love to connect with angels, dragons and magical beings
Christian Jechoutek
• Active 140d ago
Bio: Vvv
Diego Embon
• Active 178d ago
Bio: Life Coach and Accredited Journey Practitioner Previously worked as a Software Development Manager and Executive
Monika Stec
• Active 273d ago
Bio: I'm here to sing my own song and assist you in your inner JOURNEJ TO SELF. I love to share my direct experience to inspire others.
Nina Falenius
Finland • ENFP
• Active 277d ago
Bio: I'm a Journey practitioner from Finland, I've been with the Journey since 2018
Dr Navolina
• Active 212d ago
Bio: Coach & Therapist
Emily ten Kate
London, England
• Active 73d ago
Bio: I recently became a journey practitioner and life coach. I am excited about starting this new adventure!
Laurence Francqueville
carcassonne, france • INFP
• Active 18d ago
Bio: Hypnothérapeute Ericksonienne Transpersonnelle ®, FAmily Life Coach
Sophie Paulding
Spain • ESFJ
• Active 17d ago
Bio: Over 15 years in health practice, now an accredited JP and Life Coach. I live in Spain with my blended fam. Lets share on insta! Click logo below
Sigalit Michaeli
• Active 243d ago
Bio: I work with people who struggle at work, relationships, or with family member who has mental illness, using journey work and coaching tools.
Peggy Matheson
Salt Lake City, Utah, USA • INFP
• Active 78d ago
Bio: Best Selling Author, Podcaster at, Betrayal Trauma Recovery and Life Coach.
Julia Golzar
Bellingen NSW Australia
• Active 59d ago
Bio: I'm a recommended Journey practitioner since 2019, living in Bellingen NSW Australia. I have worked with many modalities over the years.
Marika Truter
• Active 354d ago
Bio: Journey Practitioner in South Africa
Sabine Heissner
• Active 37d ago
Bio: I am human and mum. I live in München.
Gina Lind
Porvoo, Finland
• Active 16d ago
Bio: Journey Practitioner Programme in 2009-2010. Group Controller (accounting)
Clare Lipp
• Active 51d ago
Bio: Open to and journeying through life and embracing transformation! Just completed the Journey Practitioner program and completing my case studies.
Meira Bar-Lev
Jerusalem. Israel
• Active 2d ago
Bio: Journey Practitioner since 2010, AJLC. Continuing to learn and grow.
Sarah Moores
Salisbury, UK • ENFJ
• Active 145d ago
Bio: As a JP with other modalities such as energy healing & mindset meditations set to music and movement, I have branded myself as an EMOTIONAL ALCHEMIST.
Catherine Deleplace
Paris, France • INFJ
• Active 175d ago
Bio: Journey, BLAST, BEST, Energy Codes, Coaching, Hypnosis/NLP, Movement/Posture. Now ready to launch and interested in practical support & community.
Peter Thijssens
Almere, the Netherlands
• Active 186d ago
Bio: Psycho-social therapist, specialized in trauma and HSP. Located in Almere, the Netherlands. Just published my first book.
Marilyn Raven
europe, mostly :-) • INTP
• Active 5d ago
Bio: hi! i am marilyn. a dutchie from the class of 2003 and ready to start my biz anew! i live in a camper truck and this fall we are in italy.
Ida Nagy
• Active 169d ago
Bio: Singer, journey practitioner, Waldorf teacher, home baker and a mother of 3 young kids, I want to make the world a better place and feel good in it.
Miriam Matutu
Zambia • INFJ
• Active 298d ago
Bio: Journey Practitioner, BLAST Practitioner, Executive Leadership Coach, Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master, MakeTheChange Coach ... curious 🙏❤
Prema Joy
• Active 178d ago
Bio: Lover of Life, Travel, Dogs, Chanting and a Grandmother of 5 boys!!!! And I love the Journey Method.
Valeria Urban
Budapest, Hungary
• Active 180d ago
Bio: I have been working with the Journey since 20 years in Hungary. In the last 2 years I decided to go online and international, and added coaching.
Janice Morin
Prince Albert, SASK. CANADA • ENFP
• Active 203d ago
Bio: My name is Janice Morin. I live within Treaty Six Territory 53.2034°N, 105.7531°W (Prince Albert, Saskatchewan Canada). Journey has changed my life!
Victoria Lichtman
Delray Beach, Florida, USA • INFJ
• Active 198d ago
Bio: I am a dog loving life loving woman who has dreamed for 15 years about teaching Forgiveness. It is time. Love to all!
Lars Hornborg
• Active 172d ago
Bio: JP since 2006, been through pretty much everything TJ has offered the last 20 years, including Journeyman, Visionary Leadership JP Biz and more.
Sally Broker
• Active 309d ago
Bio: Hi! I'm Sally. Originally from the UK. I did the Practitioner Program 6yrs ago and I have a prayer to take my business to the next level!
Sharon Thomas
Nelson, New Zealand
• Active 33d ago
Bio: Hi there, I'm Sharon from Nelson, NZ
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Jane Ross
Hi guys, delighted to engage! I am a Creative Arts and Journey practitioner living by the sea near Durban in South Africa.

Active 151d ago
Joined Jun 24, 2023
Umdloti Beach, KZN
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