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Luis Perez
Tampa FL
• Active 20h ago
Bio: 🚀Goal set for the rest of my life:#Growth & #Execution! I’m Ready to dive in, learn, and laugh. Let's connect and create consistent magic together! ✨
Melanie Berry
Bonyton Beach, FL
• Active 1d ago
Bio: Creative adventurer merging hues on canvas, navigating the digital sphere, and embracing life's lively chapters. Let's craft and connect!
Rob Day
Orlando, FL • ENFJ
• Active 161d ago
Bio: Just a single guy in his early 50s looking to get back into the best shape physically and mentally as possible.
Judy Retano
• Active 17d ago
Bio: I am a powerful, influential leader that loves to support empower others to honor their authenticity, their true potential and crush limiting beliefs.
David Palka
Notranje Gorice
• Active 38d ago
Bio: A firm believer in the power of knowledge, I'm always seeking opportunities to expand my horizons.
Juan Torres
Las Vegas, Nevada
• Active 41d ago
Bio: Oldest son to Monserrat, big bro to Albert, Johnny, & Evelyn. I like to talk about; The Good News!, R.E.G, S.S, P.W, O.P.L, & D.W.T.P (b.w.r.c.a.t?)
Rafael th Wizard Gonzalez
Los Angeles California
• Active 13h ago
Bio: Powerful manifestor
Kristina Shea
• Active 1d ago
Bio: Hi, I'm Kristina, but you can call me "K". I'm a marketing entrepreneur with a passion for AI and wellness. Ready to learn & live a "BlueSkys Life"!
Jevon Jonas
• Active 53d ago
Bio: My expertise extends to media production, where I've thrived for over a decade.
Jon Nasta
• Active 116d ago
Bio: Listening and learning.
Tara Phelps
• Active 38d ago
Bio: I'm Tara and I’m excited to be leading a dynamic team offering our A.I. based services to drive marketing and sales.
Lisa Egan
Dallas, Texas
• Active 68d ago
Bio: Executing the plan using what I know about small business, psychology and human behavior add AI, video, and funnels to serve clients and grow my biz.
Nicole Berinobis
Kamuela, Hawaii
• Active 5d ago
Bio: Medical Massage Teacher, Business owner mother, Sock finder, glorified laundry lady, butler or just Aunty Nikki. Never forgot the best Hug Giver.
Courtney Walle
Concord, CA, USA • INFJ
• Active 8d ago
Bio: Mom of two, and U.S. Coast Guard veteran. I have a passion for music history and culture, and been djing on the side as well since 2006.
Christophe Souris
• Active 29d ago
Bio: Father of 2, optimistic and positive mindset, determined to take life in hands and take action. Drop me a message anytime!
Patrick Tuttle
• Active 74d ago
Bio: Internet SEO Developer with over 2000 members in my Skype chats I am moving over to this new platform. I love Skype but..........
Sam Nodier
• Active 8h ago
Bio: Elevated Marketing Minds Member Support Specialist.
Ronnie Barrett
Ohio • ENFP
• Active 4d ago
Bio: Passionate entrepreneur, loves marketing, tech and traveling with my wife. Values meaningful conversations. Owns a used car lot and a moving company.
James Sucher
San Diego • INFJ
• Active 1d ago
Bio: Recovering marketing freelancer, future agency owner.
Faydra Meyers
• Active 29d ago
Bio: Yoga Addicts' founder, on a transformative journey, embracing AI marketing to elevate experiences and empower yogis worldwide. Namaste! 🧘🌟
Landon Middleton
• Active 32d ago
Bio: Husband. Father. Entrepreneur. AI For Trucking & Real Estate! We solve the driver recruiting & new listings problem for our clients using our AI bots
Eliud Gathanu
Nairobi, Kenya
• Active 6d ago
Bio: I'm a dad, husband to Betty, and lover of Kenya's bush life. Founded OnePlumbing to fix leaky plumbing woes. Here for fun and learning! 🚀🔧"
Steven Easley
Cincinnati Ohio
• Active 31d ago
Bio: God gave me TIME.
Christine Bryant
Diamond Bar, California
• Active 6d ago
Bio: Devoted healer, avid reader, aspiring author, & AI enthusiast, passionate about travel, coffee, & emotional intelligence; a cheerleader for humanity.
Blake Andrews
El Mirage, Arizona
• Active 7d ago
Bio: Arizona Retired Naval Mobile Construction Electrician Seabee Veteran From Ol' School Bushwick, Brooklyn NYC.
Michele Matkovich
Charlotte, NC
• Active 10d ago
Bio: Former multi-location Salon & Med Spa owner. Marketing Agency, Software Co, Local SEO Specialist, Author & Ai Addict for small businesses.
Alice Smith
• Active 5d ago
Bio: Co-Owner of Natural Living by Design, LLC On FMLA for my mom with stage 4 cancer, Alzheimer’s & Vascular Dementia. Starting over at age 60 - Go 4 It!
Henri Douala
• Active 12d ago
Bio: Financial guide helping canadians reach financial independance and enjoy their dreamed life style
Dino Brown
Atlanta Georgia!
• Active 10d ago
Bio: Hi, my name is Dino and I'm from the beautiful island of Jamaica, and currently reside in Atlanta! Looking forward to create value & earn an income!
Elishama Jiles
Philadelphia, PA
• Active 52d ago
Bio: I'm an SEO manager at a Fortune 100 company looking to expand my knowledge and skill level of AI use.
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James Santiago
Media Buyer/SEO. I marry messaging with algorithms to send quality traffic to good offers. Plus I love to boogie board.

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Joined Feb 7, 2023
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