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Mary Waceke
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Bio: Htc
Michael Cherwenka
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Bio: Win anyways
Gary Bowman
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Bio: On track to be a 🔥 closer
Cindy Nielsen
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Bio: Entrepreneur, client representative.....................playing BIG in a new space and loving every minute of it.
Dennis Drue
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Bio: Lets work. "Fortune favors the bold"- Virgil
Ryan Steen
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Bio: 27 from STL
Sam Konzem
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Vincent Muskett
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Bio: Here to Rock n Roll.
Isaiah Dixon
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Bio: Here To Become A Successful Entrepreneur
Daniel Hess
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Bryndon Preston
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Bio: Bryndon is passionate about gratitude, sharing positive stories, and random acts of kindness.
Mason Burnett
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Bio: Coach | Sales & Fulfilment Professional | Fitness, Fashion, and Auto Enthusiast
Jacob Combs
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Bio: Coach - Setter - Closer
Matthew Moore
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Bio: Lead coach for 30day closer
Maurilee Young
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Bio: Healthcare Manager, Single Mom, and Setter/Aspiring Closer
Kenneth Salazar
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Bio: Better than yesterday, worse than tomorrow!
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James Franklin
Professional mma fighter trying to turn into profssional closer

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