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Luke Goddard
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Bio: Luke Goddard swims for copeland in the northwest, fly and breaststroke mainly
Mihail Mihov
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Bio: Mihov
Konstantinos Anteschos
• Active 5h ago
Bio: Swimmer
Enfrancis Elmido
• Active 11h ago
Bio: I am a dad of my child who loves swimming
Mal Prothero
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Bio: Aiming to get to winter regionals this year, and English nationals next year 🤞
Anthony Alves
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Bio: K
Theodore Saris
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Harry Young
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Bio: Hi
Alexandros Nourou
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Pantelis Kourmouzos
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Bio: Backstoker 14 years old
Mattia Maris
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Bio: Swimming
Milan Vojtko
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Bio: 🏊‍♂️
Hussein Wadi
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Argi Masha
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Bio: Preparing for summer olympics 2028
Manuel Yacoubian
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Bio: Professional competitive swimmer
Philip Strachan
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Bio: yooo
Miłosz Talik
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Bio: I have 13 years old (this year),i love swimming and am from Poland.
Jacob De Asis
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Bio: j…
Amine Ammar
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Bio: Amine Swimmer
Francesco Timms
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Bio: I’m getting back into swimming after years off :)
Nico Els
Western Cape • ESFJ
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Bio: I love to read, fitness and a good laugh on a mission of self improvement. I am also eager to build new and healthy friendships, send me a dm.
Sonny J
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Bio: Sonny
Evelin Ivanov
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Bio: E
Petros Grigorakis
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Bio: Swimming coach
Vicente Bileski
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Bio: swim
Ole Elson
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Bio: Swimmer
Mateusz Kraśniewski
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Bio: Love to swim and improve myself
Ryan Woodcock
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Brian Garcia
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Jjemba Lawrence
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Bio: Makerere Sharks member
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Jack McMillan
I am an Olympian helping swimmers get faster and connect with other swimmers around the world

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Joined Sep 10, 2023
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