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Hugues Sicotte
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Bio: Minnesota parent.
Victoria Kuohung
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Bio: Mom to 4 boys
Sel Tay
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Sylvia Couvertier
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Elizabeth Landis-Tipton
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Dr. Liz Krider
Los Angeles
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Bio: I help high school & college students find purpose through projects so they can showcase their skills and character to colleges and future employers.
Annette DiTommaso
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Bio: 2025 STA Grad then hopefully FSU bound
Alden Kuo
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Jennifer Younger
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Bio: Searching for help with college.
Ann Potten
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Bio: Parents in Texas
Raj Patiyal
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Bio: Parent of a high school senior year kid on east coast. My son planning to do mechanical engineering.
Gabriela Torres-Valencia
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Bio: My name is Gabi and I am currently planning on majoring in nursing! I am interested in psychiatry and want to tackle issues regarding mental health.
Gabrielle Zam
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Bio: Gabrielle
Genevieve Manfredo
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Bio: Mom of a 2027 daughter!
Karin Casazza
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Bio: Have a student graduating HS in 2028
Polly O'Keeffe
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Raksha Govin
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Bio: Aspiring entrepreneur
Cole Haring
Houston, TX
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Bio: Over $4M+ sold dropshipping the largest brands in the outdoor gear niche. Lifetime learner :)
Kerry Stukenborg
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Krista Jacobson
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Bio: A 60 yr. old mom from the Midwest w/ a 16 yr. old sophomore who is a 6' 7" pitcher & 1st baseman who loves baseball and wants to play D1 college ball
Josh Sitzer
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Bio: I like running, baseball, and maybe 3 people.
Zoe Storm
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Bio: Class of 2025!
Anne Siefer
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Clydon Vista
Houston, Texas • INFP
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Bio: Doctor of Occupational Therapy and College Life Coach, empowering people to excel academically and personally for success and growth in life.
Nils Raether
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Bio: 💪
Sunitha Mohan
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Linh Nguyen
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Bio: Love being a dad and having fun with my wife and our 2 teenagers.
Indra Raman
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Bio: Parent of rising high schooler. Very keen to learn from this community to help my child reach her dream college.
Mary ann Brennan
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Heather Leas
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Jack Delehey
I help high school students and parents navigate the college planning process and reduce their stress with my College Confidence Program.

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Denver, CO
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