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Bio: Founder @
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Bio: 🚀 Scale you business to 7 figures with social media. ✅ Sold my first business at 22. 🤝 I love giving away free tactical tips to help you scale.
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Bio: Join My Skool Community On Building Winning Sales Team
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Bio: Founder at Webvendere and Asta Ventures
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Bio: Here to change the world, don't mind me.
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Bio: Lost Bloodline
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Bio: Retired K-12 educator now working for Western Michigan University as a professor.
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Bio: MM US Navy 🫡🥷🏼🌊🇺🇸
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Bio: yo
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Bio: yo
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Bio: marketing for netflix and working on building my own agency on the side
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Bio: GVSU - Grand Rapids
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Bio: Cars and bikes
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Bio: Him
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Bio: Ready to lock in baby
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Bio: entrepreneur
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Bio: Yur
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Bio: Sport Advocate
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