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Introduction Post
I'm Len from Germany (currently in Kentucky) and 17 years old. I used AI in the past to grow my fashion account on Instagram and TikTok, each of them over 100.000 followers. I'm here to get to know more prompts to create better scripts for content creation.
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wilkommen 💖
Who already used AI chatbots to there systems e.i websites or apps?
I was just curious how other implement it and what tech they use, or do they already use it for there business, and how it is going now? Thank you.
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Hi Tristian, I created a chatbot and sold it to companies. For example, I made boots for a clothing store. This boot creates a combination. For example, the user will go to an appointment. He tells her what to wear by giving her purchase links from the website. I also sold it to a diaper brand. It helps mothers. I sold it to a real estate company. Users get detailed and creative information about houses. And I made and sold many more boats. I have a team and I work with an agency. We are currently looking for employees. Maybe it will catch your attention.
Free chatgpt
What are some good sites to use free versions?
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Hello, I am sharing a small list below. - Ask Ai ( (gpt 4) - bing (gpt 4) - (gpt 4) - (gpt 4)
Please Help: No Link to Plugin Store.
I'm a Plus user and already have some plugins enabled. But there's no access link to the Plugin Store from my GPT4 user interface. So I can't browse for more. Is this a common problem? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! 🙏
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Hello, clear the cache and try again. Sometimes I get the same error. It is resolved after clearing the cache.
Automatic subtitles on Youtube Videos
Hello, I can't turn on automatic subtitles on videos on my youtube channel. Sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn't and I don't understand why. However, it is essential if I want to put a youtube URL to train ChatGPT or my chatbots. Can someone advise me? THANKS
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hi Greg, YouTube's automatic captioning feature allows content creators to automatically generate text captions for their videos after uploading. However, whether these captions are automatically turned on or off depends on several factors: 1. Content Creator's Settings: The content creator can set the video settings to have automatic captions on or off by default. 2. Language Preferences: YouTube may automatically turn on captions based on a user's language preferences and previous viewing habits. For instance, if a user consistently watches videos with English subtitles, YouTube might activate automatic captions for that user. 3. Video Content: Automatic caption generation isn't always perfect and depends on the audio quality of the video, the spoken language, and background noise. As a result, some content creators might turn off automatic captions to avoid misleading or incorrect captions. 4. User's Settings: Users can set their YouTube account or video player settings to have captions on or off by default. If a user manually turns off the captions, videos won't start with automatic captions. 5. Device and Application: Depending on the device or application used, caption settings might differ. For example, some TV applications or mobile apps might not automatically display captions.
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