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Leila Le
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Bio: Help 50+ women to dissolve self-doubt & fear & to drop into their intuition to create a powerful, juicy life. Success without the burn out.
Sara Abernathy BCMHC
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Bio: I have a credential from Light University for Christian Mental Health Coach. My continuing education is geared toward youth mental health coaching.
Karen Christine Sengupta
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Bio: I am an Appointment Setter & Coach. I help coaches/consultants get appointments with qualified buyers and help unblock people to acheive their goals.
Priscilla Mugo
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Bio: Self-lead your way through conflict using self-awareness, the key to emotional intelligence.
Pernille Hesselberg-Meyer
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Bio: I'm an everyday wonderer 🤔 who lost sight of who I really am a looong time ago, now searching the way back to I AM 💖♾😄.
Ed JC Smith
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Bio: Helped Thousands Of Coaches Level Up Owner of Expert Coach & Clients On Automation
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Irene Henriksen
Holistic Neurodivergent and Trauma-Informed Mentor & ADHD Coach / Neurodiversity & Trauma Advocate, Consultant & Speaker

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Joined Dec 6, 2023
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