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Michael Garman
Fredericksburg, Virginia
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Bio: Innovation specialist transforming into an Innovation generalist. I am the Senior Innovation Manager at Hamilton Beach working hard to reinvent myself
Monica Joy Krol
Grand Rapids, MI, USA • ENFJ
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Bio: Director of Product, Artist, Podcaster, Working Software Mom - SOOO happy to be here!
Jackie Das
USA and Hungary
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Bio: I train teams to excel at conducting 'high stakes' meetings and presentations
Lorretta Holloway
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Bio: I'm a university administrator whose work focuses on student success, advocacy, & crisis support. I like webtoons & Asian dramas.
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Ingrid Knoff
I love music, dance & learning about Everything! (+Food, Laughing & Sunshine) Began college as Art Major; Degree in Business. Always entrepreneurial!

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Joined Nov 30, 2022
Michigan, United States
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