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This is your entry point into a hyper-learning environment primed for maximum growth and transformation. You’ll find the tools, the techniques, and more than enough motivation to use breathwork to heal every part of your body and your life. The only thing I can’t do for you is breathe. What I can do is tell you to do this: - Do the 5 Day Breathwork Challenge - Sign up for a minimum of 1 deep dive Transformational Breathwork Journey/month - Do the Morning Breath Activation practice EVERY DAY - Hold each other accountable to show up as your best selves  - Support, motivate and inspire each other If we do the practices, if we commit to the shifts, if we build a strong community then we cannot fail to create a better world for ourselves and each other. Let’s get it! Brian



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Enoch Abraham
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    @Paulo Silva yes seriously 🙈🙈🙈

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    Hi @Paulo Silva i visited Brazil twice a long long time ago. I loved it 💚💚Salvador de Bahia and Buzios. I don't usually send videos though 🙈

How much passion how much intensity and strength. I noticed in childhood rejection an ability to find everyone better than me and a need to want to be accepted that I carried to this day. I hope now to compare myself only with myself, not wait to be accepted. I have on my side myself all the love possible and available. Speechless. Gratitude 4 new life......



Ilya Kuipers
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    Wow, thanks for sharing @Paulo Silva . I'm planningto do this one in the near future too inshaAllah

Hey everyone, I've posted on FB but thought I can also post it here to gain more insights. Wondering if anyone had any personal/client experience to stop smoking through breath work? I have a potential client that is looking to stop smoking and I thought creating a breathing protocol in daily life would def. help in changing the negative behaviour towards more positive. if anyone has any idea / input will be very much appreciated. 🙏



Yara Tarek
Anggra Tidayoh
Joanne Adducci
Prateek M
Ilya Kuipers
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    I would like to add my experience @Anggra Tidayoh (uhm yes... i smoked for 25 years before I quit). It should be easy to do 2 out of 3. The 3rd one you can tweak to suit your belief system 😉. 1. Analyze when smoking happens and program yourself to do something different on that moment. I.e. drink a sip of water, occupy yourself differently etc. 2. Just snap the cigarettes in half. Be radical about it. You will see, you didn't need the other half (you don't need any of it, but that will come to you afterwards 😜). 3. Take a pure intention to be done with it and especially WHY and be sincere about it. In my case I sincerely asked Allah to make it easy for me to never smoke again, and wow did He deliver. Since that moment I feel sick even smelling cigarette smoke 🤢. But surely you can go on a meditation/breath journey for it or otherwise. The 'smokers-reflex' that you (think you) need it in moments of stress might stay with you. I still have sometimes, even after I've not smoked in 13 years. I just recognise it as a reflex, smile at it and let it go. Honestly if I can do it, anybody can! Go for it and be your own HERO 🥰

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    Anytime @Anggra Tidayoh . I believe in sharing so we can all learn from eachothers experiences 💚💚💚

How big would you dream, if you knew you couldn't fail? Breath Big, Dream Big, Live Big! The only thing stopping us is ourselves. What WE believe is true, what we believe our worth is, our inner core limiting beliefs. Let's break free!!! Breath in this possibility!! Breath out everything that no longer serves you! ❤️❤️ We are all magnificent beings, full of love and capable of miracles! I am truly grateful for this community and all the true love, care, compassion and support that I feel and see here. Blessings to you all! 🙏



Paulo Silva
Margarita Florodimitri
Prateek M
Ilya Kuipers
Aggelis Kosmos
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    @Margarita Florodimitri , thanks 4 reminding me. I'll try to dream bigger

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    @Aggelis Kosmos kalispera 😊. Can we have a translation. Parakalo? 🫣

Hi everyone; excited to be here. My membership was pending yesterday so I couldn't post. I did stumble on the journeys and went on one. WOW 😵. Very deep, wonderful, weird, and moving. My name is ilya, I'm originally from Holland, but I moved to the Gambia (west Africa) in august 2021 with my 6-year-old son. I had loads of reasons and had already wanted to move for a long time. In 2021, many doors opened AND the c@v!d crazy in Europe made me want to run from the (to me) scary net closing in on people. And even though I struggle here most days, I'm happy every day I took the plunge 🙏💪 My passions are Islam, the environment, and healthy living, which I firmly believe you can only do when living in sync with creation. 💚💚💚 I try to be aware of what comes on my path and why. I believe we take our breaths for granted and that I can take the next leap in my development by going on this journey. I am very energetic, enthusiastic, and determined. Love and truthfulness are my core values. I hope to connect with all of you and share experiences.



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Ilya Kuipers
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#Dec 5, 2022 Kundalini Awakening Journey with Reece Hi, I'm new at breathworks and on this site. Yesterday when I came in and clicked here and there I came across this journey. I calculated I would just be able to finish it before I had to get my son from school. It was a definite deep dive in, for a first session 🤣. I enjoyed it immensely though. So, I'm even more curious to see what the rest is like. For any incoming newbees, it would be handy to mention it's wise to not plan anything after for a while, as I was more floating than walking to that school 😎. Wonderful feeling though. Keep it up!



Yara Tarek
Ilya Kuipers
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    @Yara Tarek yep definite deep and heavy dive. Love it though 💚

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