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Jeffery Bryan
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Bio: We are like PENCILS.. The best part of us is inside. We make mark as we lives. We make mistakes, we erase. But we become better as we are sharpened
Miguel Smith
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Bio: Here to make friends with store owners
Maco Lerry
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Bio: Entrepreneur
Ryan Taylor
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Bio: In the business of making your brand unforgettable, creatively, strategically, always.
Samuel Onwe
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Bio: Living a better life and beating the 9_5 rat race jobs. Accomplishing total freedom.
Thomas Cromwell
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Bio: Strategic leader, driving agency growth through client-focused solutions.
José neftali Rivera santos
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Bio: Trabajo actualmente a tiempo completo, estoy interesado en aprender mucho con ustedes y así poder ganar mucho dinero.🙂
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Nacho Ana
I am an entrepreneur, with many dreams and business ideas to achieve.

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Joined Feb 25, 2023
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