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How have you found Day Two - Marketing - of the Dream Clients Summit? Share your insights, ideas, questions, ah-ha moments ... anything and everything goes! When you share your thoughts, you'll also be entered into today's Prize Draw! 🎁



Sally Cowan
Ian Brodie
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Melitta Campbell
Desi-Ann Gordon
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    @Sally Cowan Great to hear Sally!

Hi all - hope you’re loving all the sessions so far :) If you’ve got any questions at all about my session or about email marketing and newsletters or idea generation in general then just ask!



Margit Takacs
Melitta Campbell
Ian Brodie
Myrto Zehnder
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    Hi @Margit Takacs - very good question. The first thing I'd say is don't stress too much. If you write valuable, interesting emails then after a while people will open them because they're from you rather than needing a great subject line :) But obviously a good subject line can help too. Over the years I've found that curiosity is the key or missing ingredient. I've written about it here: But you'll also see more from me on subject lines in the newsletter.

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    Hi @Myrto Zehnder - another good question! I would start doing a newsletter straight away. Even if you don't have many subscribers it gives you a chance to develop and improve your writing. Substack is a good starting point that you can use as both a blogging platform like medium and a newsletter platform. They make their money from a percentage of paid newslettter subscriptions so if you do a free newsletter it's free. There are lots of different styles you can use for writing of course. My preference for emails is what I call "conversational emails" where you're writing to someone as a friend, sharing your experiences as someone who is maybe a step or two ahead in their journey. So the emails are quite chatty and use personal experiences and anecdotes to illustrate points quite often. That style works on Linkedin and Medium too. On Linkedin, Carousels are obviously hot right now so that's a different style. And on medium a lot of people do well with bigger posts - kind of writing reference material in a way with lots and lots of examples and a more "I'm the expert" tone. But really many different styles can work and I'd say it's more about finding a style you like and enjoy writing in. I touch on it a bit here in this post:

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