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Paula Tilman
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Bio: I’ve always had an interest in ASTROLOGY.🙏💚
Tonya Navarro
Santa Fe, New Mexico
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Bio: ♈️ Sun ♉️ Rising ♎️ Moon Just another human avatar awakening to my true essence as universal love / light consciousness ✨
Terri Jones
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Bio: Mother of 2, married for 42 years, retired from operating family restaurant. I'm ready for my next chapter!
BinoLeon Nasir
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Bio: Hello Everyone, My name is Bino and I'm an Aquarian Sun, Aquarian Rising and Leo Moon. I would like to Increase my Astro Knowledge with My Soul Family
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Hilary Nicholls
Holistic DC & Life Transitions Coach So happy to be joining this inspiring heart-centered group!

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