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  • Clive Edwards
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  • Les Watson
    • Active 6d ago
    Bio: Retired male in my 60s, I have been an amateur photographer most of my life, taking ground shots, landscapes, architecture and places of interest.
  • D J
    • Active 3d ago
    Bio: Limited flying time with Mini 2.
  • Barry Tripp
    • Active 8d ago
    Bio: TBD
  • Jim Bowker
    • Active 8d ago
    Bio: I fly many drones and fixed wing. Currently working on my FAA Part 107. I have DJI Mini 2, Air 2, FP, Inspire. A Yuneec Typhoon H plus and others.
  • C C
    • Active 6d ago
    Bio: ;)
  • Jørgen Olsen
    • Active 11d ago
    Bio: Drone pilot
  • Oliver Flørning
    • Active 11d ago
    Bio: I’m founder of, FLOERNING, a danish company that specializes in corporate videos.
  • Terry Wingfield
    • Active 19d ago
  • Ralph Coldrick
    • Active 19d ago
  • Matt Leonhard
    • Active 9d ago
    Bio: Retired - licensed drone pilot
  • Robert Edmunds
    • Active 25d ago
    Bio: Ready to retire and see the world from the sky Crashed my mini 2 on the second flight!
  • Lacellas Jameson
    • Active 25d ago
  • Ade Cumberbatch
    • Active 15d ago
    Bio: Hobbyist, Traveller, Loner.
  • Jacques Millett
    • Active 4d ago
    Bio: DronePilot. Rational Mind. Deep Thinker.
  • Russell Molloy
    • Active 6d ago
    Bio: Learning to be a commercial drone pilot as a new career, I have a passion for learning and taking on new challenges.
  • Chris Morrall
    Puy de Dôme, France
    • Active 17d ago
    Bio: Living in Puy de Dôme, France. Into photography and now have a DJI Air 3 drone to take some magical aerial photography and videography.
  • John Dearimg
    • Active 29d ago
  • Bismark Dzahene-Quarshie
    • Active 1d ago
    Bio: I am a youtuber looking to get more drone knowledge
  • Leif Nielsen
    • Active 11d ago
    Bio: Hi, I'm a new drone pilot who would like to learn as much as possible
  • Klaus Ingar Ulseth
    • Active 36d ago
    Bio: No bio yet.
  • Darren Ford
    • Active 38d ago
    Bio: First time drone flyer!
  • Jan Dirk Koersma
    • Active 38d ago
    Bio: .
  • James Hollis
    • Active 29d ago
    Bio: A passionate educator embarking on a journey to capture the world from a new perspective. (Chicago IL, USA - DJI Air 3, Air 2S)
  • Michael Toftelund
    • Active 38d ago
    Bio: 56 years old, and just started with drones
  • Lehlohonolo Lekhoaba
    • Active 42d ago
  • Hubert Appeldoorn
    • Active 14d ago
    Bio: Living in the Netherlands. Flying and building small drones and planes for hobby,
  • José Pereira
    • Active 34d ago
    Bio: After passing 1000 times through my local DJI store and dreaming about buying a drone, last year I finally did it. Now I am looking to monetize it.
  • Ben Singer
    Santa Monica, California
    • Active 42d ago
    Bio: Live in Santa Monica, California and began flying a few months ago on a DJI 3 Mini. Am eager to learn and make it a hobby.
  • Mikkel Kvist
    • Active 43d ago
    Bio: IT guy, with education as a web developer & Pyrotechnician for World Of Fireworks.
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Henrik Olsen

I have a Youtube Channel on Drones & Cameras. I'm sharing my knowledge with YOU on my weekly updates with valuable tips & tutorials :-)

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