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Nadine Van Schoondrager
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Bio: Voelt zich niet meer veilig!
Keisha Mason
Cayman Islands
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Bio: Keisha from the Caribbean! Cayman Islands, island girl vibes. Goal: 1st Millionaire in my family. Whats your version of paradise? Lets talk!
Nastassja Brand
• Active 108d ago
Bio: business owner, single mom, going for the big picture :) IG themepage: @ceomompreneur
Romney Jack
Denmark • ENTP
• Active 2d ago
Bio: Yk what?. Just be yourself 🤗
Natascha Aballo
• Active 36d ago
Bio: Hello I’m Natascha, 30y/o, a mom and I come from Germany.
Smith Logan
• Active 3d ago
Bio: An experienced freelancer.
Anna Keri
• Active 81d ago
Bio: light worker helping others shine ✨ Currently📍BE, EU🇧🇪 IG : independencewithanna - come say hi🥰🫶🏼
Nathalie Prestia
Geneva, Switzerland
• Active 14h ago
Bio: Hi guys, Nathalie from Switzerland 🇨🇭 My goals are to be financially and geographically free ! Ready to crush and to make $$$🤑
Alyssa Jairam
• Active 35d ago
Bio: Hi I’m Alyssa
Maša Maletić
• Active 119d ago
Bio: Heyy, I'm a Balkan gym girl and am super excited to work on stepping into the entrepreneurial world!
Manveer Bains
Kent, United Kingdom
• Active 28d ago
Bio: Hi All, so excited and happy to join this community of entrepreneurs who are building something for their future. My fave motto is 'Just Do it'!!
Alexandra Francín
• Active 96d ago
Bio: Hi 🐉💞 I’m Alexandra. I’m diving in the ocean of infinite abundance. @diwatalexksandra 4444 more 😻🌌
Elin Strömberg
• Active 43d ago
Bio: -
Sarah Ackermann
• Active 60d ago
Bio: Il mondo non si muove se non ti muovi tu
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Hélène Valcke
From Belgium - living in Switzerland Mom of little baby boy Love to learn and develop myself - ready for a new adventure

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Joined Nov 7, 2023
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