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Shaf Karim
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Bio: Property Investor specialising in short term rental SA and HMO.
Gurpreet Gida
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Peter Cseh
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Bio: 🏠Property Investor 👨‍💻Specialised in Deal Sourcing SA 🇬🇧Deals NATIONWIDE Help👉grow portofolio 👋🤝Help anyone get onto the property ladder
Fabian Sarango
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Bio: Looking for opportunities
Saim Jalees
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Bio: 33 year old former hotel customer service manager and current marketing specialist, born in Sligo, raised in South East Asia before moving to London!
Ellie Staley
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Bio: I am a dedicated and enthusiastic individual embarking on a promising new career in the property industry.
Weyinmi Kpiasi
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Sean Penny
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Bio: Hi, I'm Sean a 25 year old based in Manchester, I am motivated&ambitious to learn how to grow&scale my own property portfolio in the years to come.
Mark Hobbs
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Bio: Hi everyone! I’m Mark I’m from Luton, I have be learning about property for about 6 months now. I’m looking to expend my knowledge within BRR.
Brandon Adams
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Bio: Sky is the limit, be inspired is the mindset
Bal .N
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Jacob Leighton
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Bio: 23, North East England
Patricia Gutzmore Property Group
Bio: Property Investor over many years: A Property Sourcer, trader and developer. Working with Property investors and owners.
Gurvinder Dhaliwal
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Bio: Our portfolio includes commercial & BTL properties. We have built our first house. We are looking to source for others and JV on bigger projects.
Jasvir Gill
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Bio: I want to make a difference to people in my life
Jay Singh
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Bio: I am looking and buying renting homes in the UK
Yehnine Gayke
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Bio: Seeking financial freedom
Jamie Powell
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Bio: Hey guys! Looking forward to starting my property investment journey with Harvey and the team. Please feel free to say hello ! Jamie
Oliver Beales
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Santhujan Mahendrarajah
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Bio: Be a gladiator, not a spectator.
Natasha Peprah
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Bio: Interest in HMOS and Deal Sourcing, growing and learning.
Ricky Adams
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Bio: Looking forward to learning about property development
Maxine Ryan
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Bio: Looking to build a monthly income from property
Krupali Mukeshkumar
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Bio: Student of life
Jordan Williams
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Bio: Im a tradesman who has done many flips and has a very good/professional team to hand who can complete renovations in as little as 6-8 weeks.
Michael Hippolyte
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Bio: I'm Michael Hippolyte in my career in architecture & interior design I have developed a wide range of experience and architectural skill in buildings
Uttam S Rana
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Bio: Let's Connect and build the network. Let's share the knowledge and grow together.
Olawale Aliowe
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Bio: Hello, I'm walman Aliowe highly skilled builder with expertise in all aspects of building renovation. With over 10 years of experience in the industry
Sri Jella
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Bio: Property enthusiast looking to add properties on his belt for financial freedom
Catherine Honger
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