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  • Josephine Rae
    β€’ Active 18h ago
    Bio: Eat, sleep, ART, repeat...
  • Rochelle Navarro
    β€’ Active 18h ago
    Bio: I enjoy painting abstract with mixed media. I love listening to music and podcasts.
  • Judith Doiron
    β€’ Active 2d ago
    Bio: Abstract wall art, abstract art, painting,
  • Shelly Ward
    β€’ Active 1d ago
    Bio: Natural Resources Conservationist. Recently started a shopify store OutdoorProsShop, hiking, camping outdoor gear and POD cups and tshirt designs.
  • Katie Mason-Broderick
    β€’ Active 7h ago
    Bio: I am an artist working in several mediums. Currently I paint flowers using pastels and watercolor. I also do a lot of abstract mixed media pieces.
  • Eva Vecchio
    β€’ Active 12h ago
    Bio: I'm a fine art painter, I love mixed media, resins, gold leaf, metallic vibrant colours, animals, nature, feminine beauty. I love lions and panthers.
  • AndrΓ©s Bustamante
    β€’ Active 3d ago
  • Barbara Perez
    β€’ Active 3d ago
    Bio: Making art, making food from different areas of the world, ballroom dance, learning new things.
  • Miriam Fitzpatrick
    β€’ Active 5d ago
  • Lori McBride
    β€’ Active 5d ago
  • Joyce Owens
    β€’ Active 5h ago
    Bio: Biblical Painter, Charcoal Portrait Artist
  • Raymond Williams
    β€’ Online now
    Bio: I work for the transit system in Houston, I recently became interested in various forms of canvas art and shared it with my wife she took off with it.
  • Yvette Castellanos
    β€’ Active 3h ago
    Bio: I’m an aviation mechanic. I enjoy working out, painting, reading, eating, going on walks and playing with my dogs.
  • Katarin Parizek
    β€’ Active 10m ago
    Bio: I am a visual story teller & a world citizen. I love people customs, cultures, myths, legends & rituals. My photographs bring environmental awareness
  • Janet E Gervais
    β€’ Active 1d ago
    Bio: Wc and acrylic artist, interested in coastal Maine landscapes/seascapes, I also create a doll thay looks like you
  • Richard Dalbec
    β€’ Active 5h ago
    Bio: I'm a multimedia artist. I create beautiful copper and/or copper-coated steel bowl. Those bowls become my canvas to paint on.
  • Kerry Nelson
    Azle, TX
    β€’ Active 12h ago
    Bio: Hi! I'm an oil painter specializing in equine, western, and fantasy art, and, accept commissions for equine or pet portraits and fantasy art.
  • Ahwarchaayam Carr
    β€’ Active 4d ago
    Bio: Work in progress.
  • Jenny Mathew
    β€’ Active 3d ago
    Bio: I have always had a passion for art from a very young age. I love oil painting of landscapes and abstracts.
  • Maarit Steinwedel
    β€’ Active 2d ago
    Bio: Watercolour Artist and costume designer
  • Amir Khoury
    β€’ Active 19h ago
    Bio: a Self-taught fine artist in many subjects, anatomy, figure drawing, spiritual and dystopian. I work in charcoal / graphite and sanguine mediums
  • Sarah Parmer
    β€’ Active 4d ago
    Bio: Commissioned paintings with Christian Scripture and prayers woven in
  • Megan Laramore
    β€’ Active 7d ago
  • Dominique Cancio
    β€’ Active 9d ago
    Bio: A self-proclaimed creative bohemian with a culinary background.
  • Heidi Rosalia Perez Hernandez
    β€’ Active 3d ago
    Bio: Art, colors, painting
  • Jasmine Kim
    β€’ Active 3d ago
    Bio: Hi I’m a tiny artist who is highly interested in mental health associated in Artwork.
  • Leanne Hanson
    β€’ Active 1d ago
    Bio: Outdoors person! Gardening and hiking. Love to cook and of course paint!
  • Erik Flockoi
    β€’ Active 16d ago
    Bio: Sound Recordist and avid bicycle rider.
  • Fitzgerald Council
    USA β€’ INTJ
    β€’ Active 4d ago
    Bio: πŸ”ΊFounder of Optimal Human Co. πŸ”ΉUnlock Self Mastery πŸ”ΉMaximize your Human Potential
  • Alexander Belyi
    β€’ Active 5d ago
    Bio: I've been an architect... liked sports... Enjoy seeing beautiful things and making them...
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