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Josh Levurge
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Bio: CEO @ Offers and Systems. Unbreakable Offer Creation For Mission-Driven Entrepreneurs.
Jamie Ogilvy
Las Vegas
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Bio: Scottish, Owner of Ahead Boxing, The Flywheel Method, And Ahead Holdings. 2x 2 Comma Club Awards. 79 Handicap, 174th at WSOP 2023.
Makayla Aluqdah
Houston, Texas
ā€¢ Active 3d ago
Bio: Online Community Builder + Scaler w/ Strategic Funnels šŸ’Ž
Amanda White
ā€¢ Active 61d ago
Bio: Here supporting Jim
Terri Croft
ā€¢ Active 71d ago
Bio: Special needs guy !
John Ziegler
ā€¢ Active 92d ago
Bio: Building things
Jack Richardson
ā€¢ Active 93d ago
Bio: Founder of Callbird. We are FaceTime for your website and add instant video functionality to your scheduling tool of choice.
Matthw Barras
ā€¢ Active 2d ago
Bio: Optimalist
Michael Hill
ā€¢ Active 121d ago
Bio: Jesus Follower | Coffee Nerd | Chick-fil-A Guy
Alex Gray
Atlanta ā€¢ INTJ
ā€¢ Active 105d ago
Bio: Hello, I'm Alex, an investor and former attorney. UVA, UVA Law; MicroStrategy, King & Spalding. I invest in early-stage software in the Southeast.
John Whelchel
ā€¢ Active 105d ago
Bio: Hey there, John Whelchel here!
Clare Draper
ā€¢ Active 121d ago
Bio: Clare
Ben Terry
ā€¢ Active 124d ago
Bio: Investing in artists and startups
Judith Bernet
ā€¢ Active 95d ago
Bio: German teacher (#goetheinstitut licensed) & Public speaking coach / bookworm / empathic feminist / curious about life and people / language nerd
Daniel Willems
ā€¢ Active 128d ago
Bio: Technical Founder - Fist Bump
Tyler Harper
ā€¢ Active 128d ago
Bio: Buying self storage in the Southeast.
Joshua Davis
ā€¢ Active 134d ago
Bio: Stylist.
Josh Underwood
ā€¢ Active 134d ago
Bio: Blue Ridge
Steve Bussey
ā€¢ Active 134d ago
Bio: Founder @ Supered. Love sneakers, bass, cycling
Elizabeth Zimmerman
ā€¢ Active 80d ago
Bio: Christian Health and Lifestyle Coach. Seeking to help empower Christian women through seasons of growth and change.
Austin Ball
ā€¢ Active 135d ago
Bio: austin ball. 20North Marketing
Jonathan Yagel
ā€¢ Active 84d ago
Bio: ā†’ Founder & Principal @ Y ā†’ Formerly Peak Money, Spire Labs, Simon Sinek Inc ā†’ I write maybe the shortest weekly newsletter on the internet?
Kendall Wallace
Haleiwa, Hawaii
ā€¢ Active 8d ago
Bio: Kendall is the founder of Authentic Travel Adventures. She is the lead facilitator of retreats and corporate offsites, which revitalize from burnout.
Todd Linder
ā€¢ Active 113d ago
Bio: Helping People In Ministry Get Marketplace Jobs without Getting Overlooked Because of their Experience
Billy Boozer
ā€¢ Active 134d ago
Bio: I'm a person on a mission.
Josh Adams
ā€¢ Active 140d ago
Bio: Founder and CTO that loves startups too much.
Daniel Pellant
ā€¢ Active 149d ago
Bio: Chicago neo-Dadaist artist
James Ramsdell
ā€¢ Active 149d ago
Bio: I am a representational, impressionistic artist working in several different media.
Cw Lewis
ā€¢ Active 161d ago
Bio: GreenGold Opportunities are all around us. That is the foundation of my art expression. I love recycling and creating eco-art.
Kathy Noble
ā€¢ Active 124d ago
Bio: I have been doing art for 40 years. I live in southern Utah with my husband. I am ready to sell my art
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