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Why Not?
While on a retreat with a few other Breath Masters, one of our group decided to talk to the activities director at the resort to see if we could do a Breathwork session. It was last minute and not overly well attended but I learned something....don't wait. When I learned what my bold compadre did, I asked about it and he said " Why Not?" I learned so much from that. Why not offer breathwork sessions to my collegues for free? Why not offer introductory sessions to anyone I run into so that people can feel the magic? What other crazy idea or fear can I say that to? Why Not?????
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Good question 😀 and yes great idea.
Canine Breathwork???
I was able to lead a client and her therapy dog on a journey yesterday. I have never even thought of having a dog sitting in. The client wept through deep release in a journey entitled, " Conquering the fear of being hurt". It was beautiful. We talked at the end as she spoke of trauma as a young woman and she mentioned that the dog had some trauma as a puppy and is terrified of riding in cars. We commented on how we wondered what a journey is like through a dogs eyes. She called the moment she got home and instead of crying all the way home the dog slept peacefully! Seriously, you can't make this up!!! Needless to say Ruthie the dog is coming to the next session!
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Ohh that’s so heart melting, Joyce. I’ll try it with my dog as she is frightened of loud noises, fireworks and thunder.
Breathwork Styles within Breath Masters
TBJ...Hybrid...Regenerative... If you are like me, you might find yourself ranking and comparing these experiences to one another. Have you asked yourself, which one is best? Have you ever thought " but it is ONLY a regenerative journey"? I have. I began to challenge this dualistic way of thinking as I began hearing of radical transformation taking place with coaches that focus mostly on regenerative journeys. As I had to cope with an aging demographic coming to me with numerous contraindications ( not to mention the contraindications I deal with) I began writing hybrid journeys that only have 14-18 minutes of conscious connected breathing and I am seeing people having such incredible breakthrough experiences, including deep emotions and psychedelic-type visions. I think that the breath is powerful, I think our intentions our powerful, I think inspired words are powerful. We have all three. A transformed life is the end goal, not how loud we scream, how much tetany, or whether we are having an outwardly quiet experience. From my observation, breathwork coaches all over are delivering journeys that are helping people radically transform their lives, who cares how we get there? I love that all of our lights and expressions of that light are different. Some are like 100 candles, some are big search lights, some are oil lamps. At the end of the day, people just need the light. Let's welcome all the variety.
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Joyce, what you wrote came in just on the right time. I woke up with this idea swirling in my mind. I personally feel the most comfortable with the regenerative and the hybrid journeys. I think it has something to do with the different personalities, age groups, and surely contraindications. So your clientele also will dictate their preference. I have clients who had previous experiences with holographic breathing and they said it was a nightmare. And when they tried the regenerative and the hybrid they loved it. So at the end it depends which niche you choose to locate yourself on. And having this variety in the market makes it reachable to everyone, which I guess is the goal and intention of our work.
Veterans and Law enforcement
I had the honor of guiding a veteran and former police officer in a journey today. His situation was so dire that his counselor came and sat in the other room in case he needed additional support. I wrote a journey based on a phrase I heard from the book "The Body Keeps the Score". Th title of my journey was That Was Then and This is Now. I am so happy to report that his heart was moved throughout the journey with tears and when we screamed together, I felt such deep pain release. He has signed up for a series of five journeys for those with severe PTSD. When his counselor saw him she said that he looked more calm than she had seen him in six years. So many courageous soldiers and police officers have lost the ability to deeply enjoy life and relax their vigilence. This is such an important demographic to reach out to. Many, like this man, are at the end of their rope. He wept long and hard today to just get some of his pain released. I look forward to meeting with him again. If you are stuck on journey themes, think about things you are learning from books you are reading and don't forget the magic of creating a series of journeys for particular demographics. We all know that this isn't a once and done kind of healing path. Providing support thematically could be a great benefit to your clients!
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Well done Joyce. Was it a hybrid journey or totally activating?
Back in the Saddle
Hello my dear breath work friends! I have taken a few weeks since the sudden death of my sister to have extra time for quiet reflection and nurturing myself. As painful as it was, we were granted some very beautiful and enlightening experiences as she was preparing to leave this life and soar into the next. I am grateful to the loving support of my dear friends here at Breath Masters. I owe a debt of gratitude to Marci, Marina, Mona, Sarah, Christie, Amanda Jane, Anati, and Raphael who had their hands on my back through it all. Also to my other fellow senior coaches, Sarah, Sandra, Reece and of course to Brian who also shared tender encouragement to help me shine light even in the sadness. If it is possible, I feel even more determined to deliver this life transforming medicine. Because of the tranformation of my own life in the last year of being in the program, I felt a calm confidence and sensitivity as I was holding space for the grief around me and I was able to bring hope where little was felt. I credit our training and the incredible support I have found in this community. I look forward to catching up on all of the news but in the meantime, I extend love and gratitude to you all.
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My deepest condolences dear Joyce. May your sister’s soul soar in eternal peace. You have a lot of love and care around you. I’m also here for you♥️
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